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F. W. Olin Library

Special Collections and Archive

Guidelines to the use of Special Collections

Mills students, faculty, staff members, and outside scholars are encouraged to use Special Collections, including books, manuscripts, and archives. If you are a member of the Mills community, you are required to present your Mills College photographic identification card in order to check out items to the Heller Rare Book Room. If you are an outside scholar, you will be asked to register with a a drivers' license or other photographic identification card.

We ask that all patrons comply with the following regulations:

Materials do not circulate and may not be removed by the patron from the Heller Rare Book Room for any reason.

When you are finished with the material, return it to the reception desk-please do not leave it on a Reading Room table or elsewhere. Materials can be held for the patron by arrangement.

Permission to photocopy is at the discretion of the Special Collections Librarian and will be done by Special Collections staff at the expense of the patron. Photocopying may not be done immediately, depending on staffing and amount of copying; copies can be picked up at a later time or mailed to the patron. Copies are 25¢ a page, payable by cash or check. Scanning is also available.

The right to publish, in whole or in part, or to summarize and publish the contents of the material must be requested in writing.

Physical ownership of a document or book does not necessarily mean that the Library owns the copyright.

In order to preserve this material for future access, please:

Make sure your hands are clean.

Use pencil when taking notes (do not use ink).

When using a book, support the front board with your hand or another object flat on the table. Turn the pages with care. Do not slide the book on the table; pick it up with both hands. Do not handle fragile materials when you are rushed.

When handling photographs, hold by the edges; do not touch the emulsion with your fingers.

Never put removable sticky notes on Special Collections material. The adhesive leaves a residue.

Eating or drinking (even water) is prohibited in the Heller Rare Book Room.

If you have any questions regarding the above regulations or need assistance, please ask the Special Collections Librarian.



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Last Updated: 9/11/17