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Special Collections and Archive

Clark (Emma) Papers

103 Items, Gift of Mrs. Ellen Wildschut

Emma Cornea Clark of Cooperstown, New York, married William D. Strobel, an American clergyman whose life is briefly sketched in Appleton's Cyclopedia of American Biography.

The four earliest letters in the collection were written while Clark was a student at Emma Willard's Troy Female Seminary, predecessor of the Emma Willard School. Later letters describe a visit to New York and Washington, DC and her married life in New York.

Some of the letters from Emma's husband, William D. Strobel, were written before her marriage, others after her death, and some during his second marriage.

Other correspondents describe life in Washington, DC and in the Michigan Territory, but a drawing bears the name of the poet Lucretia Davidson and there is a plan for an addition to her poem, "Maritovne".




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