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F. W. Olin Library

Special Collections and Archive

List of Collections


Bender (Albert M.) Collection
Bookbinding Collection
Early Printed Books
Fine Press Collection
James (Elias Olan) Collection
Juvenile Collection
Parton (Jane Bourne) Collection
Reinhardt (Aurelia Henry) Collection
Torres-Rioseco (Arturo) Collection
Walter (Florence) Collection
West Coast Print Center Collection

Archives and Manuscripts

Mills College Collections

Mills College Presidents
Mills (Susan and Cyrus) Papers
Reinhardt (Aurelia Henry) Papers
Rothwell (C. Easton) Papers
Wert (Robert ) Papers
White (Barbara McClure) Papers
White, (Lynn Townsend Jr.) Papers

Additional Collections

Global Fund for Women Collection
Gordon (Beate Sirota) Papers *Currently being processed (unavailable)
Harrison (Lou) Manuscripts
Hitchcock Coit Collection
James (Elias Olan) Papers
Keep (Josiah) Papers
Keep (Rosalind) Papers
Latimer (Rebecca) Papers
Lee (Barbara) Congressional Papers *Currently being processed
Lyon (I.W.) Family Papers
Milhaud (Darius) Collection
Nevada (Emma) Collection
Oliveros (Pauline) Papers
Prall (David W. and Margaret C.) Papers
Reese (Mary Lou Hutton) Scrapbooks
Ringo (James) Papers
Shere (Charles) Papers
Smith (Patti) Collection
Spearman (Glenn) Papers
Van Tuyl (Marian) Papers




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P: 510.430.2047
E: Special Collections

Last Updated: 9/28/18