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F. W. Olin Library

Circulating Collection

Biography and Autobiography, which tell the story of an individual life, are located on the second floor of the Library. Biography call numbers are preceded by the abbreviation "Biog" or "B". The books are arranged in order of the last name of the subject of the biography/autobiography.

Fiction call numbers begin with the initial of the author's last name. For example, Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte is Fiction B869j. Be sure to look for it in the B's of the fiction section, upstairs on the east side, not with 869, on the west side.

Non-fiction books, which comprise the Library's largest single collection, are shelved in call number order on both the first and second floors. Call numbers 000-499 are located on the first floor; call numbers 500-999 are on the second floor.

Juvenile books are located on the second floor of the Library. Included in the collection are Picture Books, Juvenile Fiction, and Juvenile Non-fiction.

The current daily papers and most recent weeklies are shelved in a wooden rack to the right of the current journals. Older issues are arranged on regular stack shelves near the stairs (until microfilm reels arrive for some of the titles).

Oversized books are located on the first floor near the copy machines. They are shelved in call number order.

Current journals are displayed in alphabetical order on slanted shelves near the head of the main stairs. All the current, unbound issues may circulate for 3 days. Older, bound journals are shelved farther back, toward the left, also in alphabetical order. These are for in-house use only. If you don't see bound volumes, back issues may be on microfilm. Check MINERVA for complete holdings information.

Music scores are shelved at the head of the stairs, on the side beyond the newspapers. Realize that books about music, also classified in the 780's, are shelved on the west side, in a separate numerical sequence.





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