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Research Justice at the Intersections

Chris Zepeda-Millán
Chris Zepeda-Millan
Assistant Professor of Ethnic Studies, University of California, Berkeley

Time, Space, and Contention: The Impacts of Protests on Latina/o Identities, Attitudes, and Political Participation

In the spring of 2006, up to 5 million people—most of who were from Latin American descent—in over 400 towns and cities across the country took to the streets to protest proposed federal anti-immigrant legislation (HR 4437). While several qualitative scholars (including myself) have examined the motivations, tactics, and strategies of the protest organizers and participants, large-scale generalizable data on the effects of the protests on public attitudes is almost non-existent. The research project I plan to work on during the 2015=2016 academic year examines the effects of the timing and proximity to immigrant rights protests on the identities, attitudes, and political behavior of Latina/os in the United States. This co-authored, mix-method (interviews, content analysis, GIS, and statistical analysis) book project is in the final stage of data collection.


Chris Zepeda-Millán is a Political Scientist and Assistant Professor in the Department of Ethnic Studies at UC Berkeley. His research interests include Immigration, Comparative Racializations, Social Movements, Urban Politics, and Interdisciplinary Research Methods. His work has been published in the American Journal of Political Science (AJPS), Political Research Quarterly (PRQ), Politics, Groups and Identities (PGI), Critical Sociology, the Chicana/o Latina/o Law Review, and Social Science Quarterly (SSQ). His book manuscript, Immigrant Mass Mobilization: Threat, Identity, and Activism, is under contract with Cambridge University Press.

Research Justice at the Intersections


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