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Under faculty supervision, each Mills MPP student produces a Master's Policy Report (MPR), a professional paper that meets both the school's academic standards and the needs of a practitioner who acts as a client for the project. MPR projects completed in previous years include:

Strategies for Strong Communities: Ending Gender Based Violence in the State of New Mexico, an Analysis of the Underserved
Author: Aine Cristina Brazil, MPP '15
Client: Strong Families New Mexico
Read the executive summary.

Support for Increasing the Quality of Family Child Care
Author: Rachel Cefalu, MPP '15
Client: California Resource and Referral Network
Read the executive summary.

CommuteSmart: A Transportation Survey Design for San Francisco's North East Mission District
Author: Ethea Farahkhan, MPP '15
Client: San Francisco Environment Agency and San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency
Read the executive summary.

Keeping Oakland Affordable: A Development Impact Analysis *
Author: Sarah Garmisa, MPP/MBA '15
Client: Oakland Department of Housing & Community Development
Read the executive summary.

Creating an Equitable and Sustainable Food System Through Local Policy Change
Author: Jacqueline Gleason, MPP '15
Client: Food Chain Workers Alliance
Read the executive summary.

Transportation Demand Management for City of Mountain View Employees
Author: Anna Guiles, MPP '15
Client: City of Mountain View
Read the executive summary.

Improving Access to Affordable Housing in the City of Berkeley
Author: Victoria Gurrola, MPP '15
Client: Berkeley Student Cooperative
Read the executive summary.

Comparitive Analysis of Municipality Efforts to Pass Minimum Wage Increase Legislation: Implications for Contra Costa County
Author: Molly Hogan, MPP '15
Client: Ensuring Opportunity Campaign
Read the executive summary.

Hazard Mitigation Implementation in Oakland: Challenges and Opportunities
Author: Laurel James, MPP '15
Client: Office of the City Administrator, Oakland
Read the executive summary.

Seeking Safe Harbor in San Francisco: Analysis of Safe Harbor Laws for Commercially Sexually Exploited Children
Author: Jessica Lobedan, MPP '15
Client: San Francisco Department on the Status of Women
Read the executive summary.

Community Choice Aggregation in Alameda County: Approaches to Implementation for the East Bay
Author: Sonia Manrique-Stromberk, MPP '15
Client: KyotoUSA
Read the executive summary.

Measuring Outcomes: Improving Domestic Violence Services
Author: Jennifer Mitchell, MPP '15
Client: STAND! For Families Free of Violence
Read the executive summary.

Mentoring Hayward's Youth: The Path to a Process Evaluation
Author: Margo Owens, MPP '15
Client: University Role Models
Read the executive summary.

Environment and Equity in the Heart of the Bay Increasing Community Engagement in Hayward's Sustainability Initiatives
Author: Caitlin Palmer, MPP '15
Client: Utilities and Environmental Services Department, City of Hayward
Read the executive summary.

A Better Option? An Analysis of the GED and the HiSET
Author: Minverva Perez, MPP '15
Client: Learning Quest: Stanislaus Literacy Centers
Read the executive summary.

Oakland Bike Share: Pedaling Inclusion
Author: Sharon Robinson, MPP '15
Client: City of Oakland, Public Works Department
Read the executive summary.

Furthering Opportunity through Enhancement of the Evidence Base for Effective Promotion of Psychosocial Wellbeing
Author: Lauren Taylor, MPP '15
Client: Youth in Mind
Read the executive summary.

Richmond's Neighborhood Public Art Mini-Grant Program: A Formative Evaluation
Author: Susanne Troxler, MPP '15
Client: Arts & Culture Division, City of Richmond
Read the executive summary.

Complete reports are available upon request. The opinions expressed in the reports are those of the authors and not necessarily endorsed by the Mills Public Policy Program or the client organizations. Asterisk (*) denotes Outstanding Thesis Award winners.