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Strategies for Strong Communities: Ending Gender
Based Violence in the State of New Mexico, an 
Analysis of the Underserved.
Author: Aine Brazil
Support for Increasing Quality in Family Child Care
Author: Rachel Cefalu
Client: California Resource and Referral Network
CommuteSmart: A Transportation Survey Design for San Francisco's North East Mission District
Author: Ethea Farahkhan
Keeping Oakland Affordable: A Development Impact Analysis
Author: Sarah Garmisa*
Creating an Equitable and Sustainable Food System Through Local Policy Change
Author: Jacqueline Gleason
Transportation Demand Management for the City of Mountain View Employees
Author: Anna Guiles
Improving Student Access to Affordable Housing in the City of Berkeley
Author: Victoria Gurrola
Comparative Analysis of Municipality Efforts to Pass Minimum Wage Increase Legislation: Implications for Contra Costa County
Author: Molly Hogan
Strategies for Implementing the City of Oakland's Hazard Mitigation Plan
Author: Laurel James
Seeking Safe Harbor in San Francisco: Analysis of Safe Harbor Laws for Commercially Sexually Exploited Children
Author: Jessica Lobedan*
Community Choice Aggregation in Alameda County: Approaches to Implementation for the East Bay
Author: Sonia Manrique Stromberg
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Measuring Outcomes: A Roadmap for Domestic Violence Surveys
Author: Jen Mitchell
Mentoring Hayward's Youth: The Path to a process evaluation
Author: Margo Owens
Client: University Role Models
Advancing Community Engagement in Hayward's Sustainability Initiatives
Author: Caitlin Palmer
A Better Option? An analysis of the HiSET and GED
Author: Minerva Perez
Oakland Bike Share: Pedaling Inclusion
Author: Sharon Robinson
Demonstrating Effective Promjotion of Psychosocial Wellness Through Enhanced Youth Engagement
Author: Lauren Taylor
Richmond's Neighborhood Public Art Mini-Grant Program: A formative evaluation
Author: Susanna Troxler
*Asterisks indicate Outstanding Thesis Award winners.

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