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Have you decided to embark on a path of making your difference in the world? Then, we hope you will join us in the Graduate Public Policy Program at Mills College. Ours is a student body comprised of impassioned leaders looking to solve the complex, public policy challenges of today. Our graduates possess the knowledge, analytic tools, and the leadership skills that enable them to become change-makers in their communities. Whatever your interest—environmental, affordable housing and community development, health care, education, social innovation, transportation, as examples—our program will help you begin or continue your career along a trajectory of policy leadership and innovation.

In our MPP Program, you will gain a wide range of essential analytic tools drawn from the disciplines of economics, law, philosophy, ethics, management, and political science—enabling you to arrive at a deeper understanding of multi-sector policy issues and potential solutions. You will apply your policy theory and management techniques to many real-world problems, culminating in the Master’s Policy Report, which you will conduct for an external client—a government, a nonprofit organization, or a busines—as your final project. By the end of your deep learning experience here at Mills, you will be well-prepared for a wealth of career opportunities in which you make your difference: in advocacy, government, nonprofit organizations, consulting, social enterprise, business, and much, much more.

The caliber of education that you will receive here rivals that of leading research universities. Our liberal arts focus, combined with a location in the dynamic San Francisco Bay Area, provides you with a rich learning environment. You will have direct, ongoing access to faculty with real-world government and nonprofit leadership and experience, as well as access to local policy makers for real-time insight into the challenges facing communities today. With numerous examples of local, regional, state and federal government, and nonprofit and social enterprise organizations in the area, you can gain exposure to policy making at multiple levels.

Finally, our program is personal. We want to help you find your unique niche of policy and passion. Here, you can explore your interests in a highly supportive environment. Our faculty is personally involved in your learning and committed to giving you the time and attention that only a small class environment can deliver.

At Mills, we are preparing the next generation of policy makers and leaders. We are thrilled to welcome you—men, women, and members of the transgender community—to our unique policy program. We hope that you choose to make Mills your entryway—or your next deep dive—into the exciting arena of making YOUR difference through policy.

Lori Bamberger

Program Director

Contact Information
P: 510.430.3173
E: grad-admission@mills.edu

If you have a specific question for a faculty member, please contact LokeySchool@mills.edu or call 510.430.2194.

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Last Updated: 3/15/18