Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Medical Certificate

In order to earn the program certificate, students must complete at Mills College one-half of the science courses listed below and achieve a minimum 3.0 GPA.

Required Science Courses

  • General Biology with Lab
  • General Chemistry with Lab
  • General Physics with Lab (one semester of calculus is required)
  • Accelerated Organic Chemistry with Lab
  • Biochemistry with Lab

The current Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) has a section that tests basic concepts in biology, psychology and sociology that are related to human behavior. Students who have not had introductory courses in psychology and sociology will need to acquire the concepts taught in these courses. This can be done by self-study or by taking the courses as part of the program. The MCAT has two sections that test the materials covered in the natural science courses listed above and a section on critical analysis and reasoning.

Some medical schools have additional requirements; see Medical School Admission Requirements published annually online by the Association of American Medical Colleges concerning the prerequisites at particular schools. Depending on the extent of their preparation and time, students often elect to take additional biology courses: genetics and physiology are particularly valuable. Additional electives might include microbiology, neurobiology, immunology, developmental biology, and molecular cell biology.

A full-time course load for students in the post-baccalaureate Pre-Medical Program is usually two or three courses per semester. Most courses have associated laboratories or workshops, which translated to a total of between 8 and 13 semester course credits. Physical education activity courses do not count toward this limit. Overloads of up to 16 credits may be permitted with approval of the program director, John Brabson. No student may enroll for more than 16 credits.

Typical course schedule for two years:

First Year:

CHEM 017 and 018 General Chemistry with Lab
BIO 001 and 002 General Biology with Lab

Elective: Fall semester–Calculus, if needed

Elective: Spring semester–Genetics

Second Year:

CHEM 107 and 108 Accelerated Organic Chemistry with Lab
PHYS 061 and 062 General Physics with Lab

BIOC 110 General Biochemistry with lab (spring semester)

Elective: Fall semester–Physiology

See schedule of courses in biology, chemistry, and physics.

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