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The San Francisco Bay Area offers pre-med students access to a range of dynamic events and provides opportunities for students to volunteer and work in diverse hospitals, clinics, and facilities alongside professionals doing research, helping underserved populations, and performing other medical-related activities.

During the academic year, the Pre-Med Program hosts a weekly brown bag lunch seminar. These seminars cover topics of particular interest to students preparing for medical school:

  • Writing your personal statement
  • Fields of medical specialization
  • Global health issues
  • Medical school admission

Students in the Mills Pre-Med Program find themselves in a community of motivated students but also make time to socialize and network with each other, forming friendships that will last throughout their professional careers.

Pre-Med Online Info Session
November 15, 12:00 pm PST
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P: 510.430.3309

If you have a specific question for a faculty member, please contact or call 510.430.2317.

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