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MUS 237
Seminar in Music Literature and Criticism

This seminar is devoted to the intensive examination of a major topic in musical literature (recent topics include Migration and Music; Music and Conflict; Béla Bartók and Igor Stravinsky), with exploration of appropriate research methods and bibliographical resources. Students may choose a focus for their research depending on their individual emphasis, whether historical studies, analysis, compositional style, or performance practice. Emphasis on developing advanced skills in oral and written communication through in-depth interdisciplinary studies.

Course Credit:

Nalini Ghuman

Seniors and graduate students from other majors who have some musical background are welcome. The senior project may be completed in conjunction with this seminar for music students with an emphasis in history/theory. Graduate theses may be developed out of this seminar's research paper and presentation.
Limit fifteen students.
Open to seniors only.

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