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Master of Management

The Master of Management (MM) is a one-year degree for students desiring course work in management, without the breadth of the MBA degree. The degree provides flexibility for a student wishing to specialize in a particular area of study. For example, artists may wish to supplement their primary educational focus with business courses designed to help them be effective in earning their livelihoods as professional artists. Similarly, entrepreneurs may wish to target their studies in specific areas of management expertise.

Students in the MM program may apply to transfer into the MBA program at any point either during their MM studies or after they have completed the MM if they decide that the MBA will be a better fit with their career objectives. Students wishing to transfer to the MBA program should consult with the Dean’s office regarding procedures and determine which of their MM courses would be accepted for credit in the MBA program.

Fast Track option for Mills graduates

Degree Requirements

The Master of Management degree requires a total of 30 semester course credits at Mills College. The degree includes three required courses, two courses chosen from one of two tracks, and five electives.

The MM degree can be completed in one year by taking five courses (15 semester course credits) each semester. Students can also take courses during the January and/or Summer terms to reduce the semester course load, or can extend the amount of time to degree by taking fewer courses each semester. To accommodate the schedules of working professionals, all required courses are offered in late afternoon or evening time slots at least once during each academic year.

Required courses
(9 semester course credits)

The three required courses provide grounding in basic accounting and marketing skills important for any type of enterprise and the values that are core to our mission of educating ethical and socially responsible organizational leaders.

MGMT 214 Financial Accounting (3)

MGMT 230 Marketing Management (3)

MGMT 244 Leadership and Ethics (3)

Quantitative or Behavioral Track

Students must choose one of two tracks to focus their studies on topics that are of most interest to them.

Quantitative track
(6 semester credits chosen from the following courses:)

MGMT 209 Economics for Managers (3)

MGMT 215 Managerial Accounting (3)

MGMT 216 Corporate Finance (3)

MGMT 263 Quantitative Methods for Business (3)

Behavioral track
(6 semester credits chosen from the following courses:)

MGMT 224 Persuasive Communication (3)

MGMT 227 Negotiations (3)

MGMT 234 Management and Organizational Development (3)

Elective Curriculum
(a minimum of 15 semester course credits)

Students are free to choose any combination of electives that earn at least 15 semester course credits. The electives provide an opportunity for students to strengthen their general business knowledge or focus on a particular area by completing a concentration in: accounting, education, finance, marketing, nonprofit management, social entrepreneurship, social impact and innovation, or socially responsible business. MM students can choose from MBA elective courses and from required MBA courses, as long as they have met the relevant prerequisites. Some courses outside of MGMT can also be taken as electives toward the MBA; students interested in this option should seek prior approval from the Dean’s office before enrolling.

Flexible options for students with prior course work

Students who have taken relevant courses prior to beginning the MM program may be exempted from taking these courses at Mills if the previous course work covered comparable material, was at least 3 semester units, and the course was completed at an accredited, four-year college or university with a grade of B or better within five (5) years prior to enrollment in the MBA program. (Financial and Managerial Accounting may be taken at an accredited junior/community college or continuing education program in which the courses have been certified for credit eligibility towards the CA Certified Public Accountancy exam.)

Students who have taken coursework that meets some but not all of the above criteria can request a placement exam from the Dean’s office and can receive a waiver if the placement exam demonstrates the level of understanding expected of students who have completed the course. All adjustments based on previous coursework must be approved by the Dean’s office prior to starting the program. Students must complete at least 30 semester course credits at Mills in order to earn an MM from Mills.

Fast Track Option for Mills Graduates

Students who have completed their undergraduate degree at Mills can count up to five courses (15 semester course credits) from their undergraduate degree at Mills, thus reducing the number of courses for the MM to as few as five courses (15 semester course credits). Undergraduate courses that can be counted toward the MM include courses that cover comparable course material to MBA foundation and core courses and advanced accounting electives.

Students who count the maximum of five undergraduate courses (15 semester course credits) toward the MM and complete the MM in a single semester are required to include MGMT 278 Social Impact Consulting (3 semester course credits) as one of their five courses (15 semester course credits).


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