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The joint master's degree in public policy and business administration (MPP/MBA) at Mills College provides students with skills in leadership, management, analysis, and development of innovative policies and strategies. Graduates of this degree program assume positions of influence spanning business, government, and nonprofit organizations. This single MPP/MBA degree responds to evolving demands for professionals with cross-sector competencies who are trained in the logic of government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and social or business enterprises, as well as the intersection of these sectors. Our stream-lined joint MPP/MBA enables students to reduce the time invested in securing their graduate degree without sacrificing academic quality, by tailoring requirements in each program to the needs of students interested in this particular career track.

Joint degree students take classes with MPP and MBA students and are able to develop a broad network of peers in both the policy and business arenas. The joint program at Mills is enriched by the co-location of the MPP and MBA programs in the Lorry I. Lokey School of Business and Public Policy building, a shared Career Services Office, and many student clubs and co-curricular opportunities that are available to all students in the MPP and MBA programs.

Please note that a joint degree is different than a dual degree. A joint degree is a single degree awarded by a unique program created by a partnership between two or more departments, schools or institutions. A dual degree results from collaboration between two distinct departments, schools, or institutions which allows for some sharing of core requirements and results in two separate degrees. This definition is based on the policy guidelines provided by our accrediting body—the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

"The nexus between the public and private sectors is ever growing and changing. My knowledge of business and policy has given me a rare perspective on the breadth of applicable solutions in both private and public sector decision-making. The combination of MPP and MBA training has prepared me for a truly unique and innovative career. This educational path has allowed me to hedge uncertainty in my career goals and become more versatile in an increasingly competitive employment market."—Ayela Mujeeb

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