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Elective Curriculum

The electives provide an opportunity for students to strengthen their general business knowledge or focus on a particular area by completing a concentration in: accounting, education, finance, marketing, nonprofit management, social entrepreneurship, social impact and innovation, or socially responsible business. Some courses outside of MGMT can also be taken as electives toward the MBA: students interested in this option should seek prior approval from the Dean's office before enrolling.

Electives that are typically offered in alternating years are indicated with an asterisk (*).

General Electives

MGMT 202 Administrative Behavior (3)

MGMT 203 Organizational Theory (3)

MGMT 211 Money and Financial Institutions* (4)

MGMT 212 Intermediate Financial Accounting (3)

MGMT 213 Individual Investment* (3)

MGMT 218 Financial Derivatives (4)

MGMT 219 International Finance (4)

MGMT 220 Games and Behavior (4)

MGMT 221 Labor Economics*  (4)

MGMT 222 Law and Social Responsibility* (3)

MGMT 223 Digital Marketing (3)

MGMT 224 Persuasive Communications (3)

MGMT 225 Simulation and Modeling in the Social and Policy Sciences (3)

MGMT 227 Negotiations (3)

MGMT 228 Governmental and Nonprofit Accounting (3)

MGMT 231 Marketing Strategy (3)

MGMT 233 Marketing Research (3)

MGMT 238 Environmental Sustainability and Business* (3)

MGMT 239 Urban Economics* (4)

MGMT 240 Health Economics* (3)

MGMT 253 Environmental Economics* (3)

MGMT 255 International Trade (4)

MGMT 260 Capital Markets, Real Estate, and Consulting (3)

MGMT 265 Cost Accounting* (3)

MGMT 266 Tax Accounting* (3)

MGMT 267 Financial Statement Analysis (3)

MGMT 270 Nonprofit Management (3)

MGMT 271 Strategic Philanthropy and Social Enterprise (3)

MGMT 272 Socially Responsible Business (3)

MGMT 274 Innovation in Business* (3)

MGMT 275 Entrepreneurship (3)

MGMT 280 Topics in Business (1-4)

MGMT 282 Modeling and Data Analysis (4)

MGMT 286 Business of Being an Artist* (3)

MGMT 288 Management Practicum (1-4)

PPOL 200 Methods of Policy Analysis (4)

PPOL 220 Organizational Efficacy (4)

PPOL 227 Local and Community Policy Making, Planning, and Management (4)

PPOL 235 Environmental Policy Analysis (4)

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