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Information for Employers

Hiring a Mills MBA Program Graduate

Career Services Recruiters

Graduates of the Lorry I. Lokey School of Business and Public Policy are well prepared to assume professional positions upon graduation. Through the rigorous and highly interactive course work at Mills College, our students learn how to think critically, analyze and solve problems, articulate and make clear recommendations, and work effectively within a diverse environment. When you hire a Lokey School graduate, you will find an employee who has gained many invaluable skills:

  • Lokey School students learn how to work within challenging, team-oriented environments through interactive classroom experiences and group work.
  • Our students are trained to be collaborative leaders, ensuring strong interpersonal skills on the job.
  • Lokey School course work requires our students to learn critical communication and presentation skills and articulate their positions with reasoned arguments based on fact.
  • After working with the Career Services team, our students are self-aware and prepared to follow their professional passions.
  • Lokey School students understand the importance of personal and social responsibility and consider the impact of their decisions on their organization, their community, and the world.



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