Infant Mental Health

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Carol George, PhD is professor of psychology and co-director of the Carol GeorgeMills College Infant Mental Health Program. She received her doctorate in Developmental Psychology from UC Berkeley and is recognized internationally as an expert in attachment theory and assessment. Her research and publications have addressed the contributions of early parent-child relationships to social and emotional development and mental health risk for children, intersecting with divorce and overnight visitation, relationship violence, and the neurobiological correlates of early childhood experience in adults and adult psychiatry. She co-edited the only comprehensive books in the field of attachment on disorganization, Attachment Disorganization, and Disorganized Attachment and Caregiving. Dr. George's current research projects include research on the development of parental caregiving, factors influencing caregiving competence in fathers, and parent-child attachment in adolescence. Contact Dr. George at

Linda Perez, PhD is Holland Professor of Education and Linda Perezco-director of the Mills College Infant Mental Health Program. Dr. Perez has a doctorate from the University of California, Berkeley/San Francisco State. She completed a 3-year research fellowship in the Department of Psychiatry and Neurology at the Children’s Hospital–Harvard. This fellowship set the stage for her work in areas of early childhood trauma, infant mental health, medically fragile infants, and infants with developmental disabilities. Dr. Perez is currently working on two research projects. One examines the influence of early childhood trauma on the psychological wellbeing of helping professionals. The other is the development, implementation, and evaluation of social emotional and cognitive behavior through a preschool curriculum that introduces elements of reflection and relationship-based work to facilitate the development of self-regulation and emerging executive function. Contact Dr. Perez at