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MFA in Prose
English Courses
Course # Course Title
ENG 200:Writing and Research for Graduate Students in English
ENG 201:Development of the English Language
ENG 202:Advanced Expository Writing
ENG 203:The Craft of Prose
ENG 204:The Craft of Poetry
ENG 205:Topics in Late Medieval and Early Modern Literature and Culture
ENG 206:Medieval Romance
ENG 207:Artful Prose: Grammar and Style for Writers
ENG 209:The Craft of the Young Adult Novel
ENG 211:Contemporary Magazine Production
ENG 213:Performing Writing
ENG 214:U.S. Literature and Social Change
ENG 215:Shakespeare
ENG 216:Intro to Podcasting
ENG 217:20th-Century African American Literature
ENG 218:Listening to Reading
ENG 219:Fiction Since 1960
ENG 221:English Renaissance Poetry
ENG 222A:Community Teaching: Literary Arts Education, Theory, and Pedagogy I
ENG 222B:Community Teaching: Literary Arts Education, Theory, and Pedagogy II
ENG 223:Topics in Twentieth Century American Poetry
ENG 224:Craft of Literary Journalism
ENG 226:Craft of Creative Nonfiction
ENG 227:Digital Storytelling
ENG 231:18th-Century Poetry and Prose
ENG 232:18th-Century English Novel
ENG 233:Short-form nonfiction: features, reviews, op-eds and blogs
ENG 234:Writing for Magazines
ENG 241:Topics in Literature and Religion
ENG 246:Contemporary Writers Series: a Reading Group
ENG 247:19th-Century African American Literature
ENG 250:Thesis for the MFA Degree
ENG 250A:MA Research Project
ENG 252:Poets of Color of the 20th and 21st Centuries
ENG 255:Advanced Fiction for Children and Young Adults Workshop
ENG 257:Topics in African Literature
ENG 258:Contemporary Fiction by Women
ENG 259:Graduate Novel Workshop
ENG 260:Studies in Craft
ENG 261:Modern Drama
ENG 263:American Literature to 1865: Romanticism
ENG 264:Modern American Fiction
ENG 265:American Literature from 1865 to 1920: Realism
ENG 266:Modern American Poetry
ENG 267:Graduate Creative Nonfiction Workshop
ENG 268:Graduate Prose Workshop
ENG 269:Graduate Nonfiction Magazine Workshop
ENG 270:Graduate Poetry Workshop
ENG 271:Theories of Creativity and the Teaching of Creative Writing
ENG 272:Theories and Strategies of Teaching Writing
ENG 275:English Romantic Poetry
ENG 276:The Victorian Period: Prose, Poetry, and Drama
ENG 277:Advanced Practicum in English
ENG 280:Special Topics in Literature and Culture
ENG 280A:ST: Queer Archival Desires
ENG 280B:ST: Professional Survival for Writers
ENG 280C:ST: Ghosts in the Machine
ENG 280CS:Queer Kinship
ENG 280DS:Race, Class, Wizardry: Harry Potter
ENG 280E:Oakland Writers and Artists in Community and Context: We Are the Voices We have Been Waiting
ENG 280F:ST: Monster Theory
ENG 280G:ST: Gender of Modernism
ENG 281:The British Novel in the 20th Century and Beyond
ENG 282:Critical Theory
ENG 283:Advanced Seminars in English
ENG 284:Memoir, Essay and other Creative Non-fiction Forms
ENG 285:Prose Revision and Publication for MFA Students in Fiction and Nonfiction
ENG 287:Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
ENG 288:The 19th-Century British Novel
ENG 289:Semester Project
ENG 290:Residency
ENG 291:Translation Workshop
ENG 292:Theories of Translation
ENG 293:Practical Translation
ENG 297:Practicums and Internships
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