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MA in Literature

Degree Requirements

Master of Arts in English Language and Literatures
(a minimum of 44 semester course credits)

The basic curricular components for the MA program consist of 11 courses: nine literature courses including the MA Research Project class (ENG 250A) and two electives:

  • Of these 11 courses, one may be taken at the upper-division undergraduate (100) level.
  • One Independent Study (ENG 295) course may be taken to satisfy either the nine literature or two elective requirements.

Also see 200-level literature or elective courses in Book Art, Ethnic Studies, and Letters.

Literature Classes (minimum of 32 credits): To fulfill the literature requirement you must take literature and theory courses (one craft classes may be taken for literature credit). Literature courses offered through the Ethnic Studies Department, as well as courses offered in English in Letters (LET) may be included.

Electives (minimum of 8 credits): The two elective courses can be any graduate-level or upper division undergraduate course offered by the college for academic credit. Students are urged to consult with their advisor about which electives would be most useful for their course of study. Students may take literature and pedagogy classes* in the English Department, as well as classes offered through Languages, Literatures and Philosophy, the Ethnic Studies Department, and the Book Art Program. Language courses taken in French (FREN) Spanish (SPAN) can be particularly useful for students intending to pursue a PhD. If students take classes outside of the division in departments such as Dance, Music, and Art, they should check with individual departments for registration restrictions.

ENG 250A: MA Research Project (4 credits): Taught in rotation by literature faculty, this course is the capstone experience for the MA degree, and allows the student to complete an advanced scholarly research project of her/his choice of topic. Taken in the last semester (offered spring only).

*Students interested in teaching composition in the future or in working as a teaching assistant (TA) at Mills through a partial-tuition graduate assistantship, may want to consider taking ENG 272 Theories and Strategies of Teaching Writing as an elective. Students who are awarded a partial-tuition graduate assistantship, either in the Writing Center or in the ENG 001 classroom, are required to take ENG 272.

Last Updated: 8/9/17