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Providing a strong foundation in fiction, creative nonfiction, and contemporary literature, the Mills MFA in creative writing enables you to choose any of a number of possible directions upon graduation. Grow as a reader and writer in order to publish your work, perform, teach, or join the dynamic publishing and editing world.

The master of fine arts (MFA) degree in creative writing with an emphasis in prose (fiction or creative nonfiction) is designed to develop your growth as a writer and reader of fiction and creative nonfiction, enhance your awareness of the contemporary literary field, and highlight opportunities in publishing, teaching, and community work. Alumnae/i of our creative writing graduate programs publish their work in magazines, anthologies, and full-length collections; regularly perform at local and national venues; and are themselves successful publishers, editors, and academics.

While at Mills you’ll have the opportunity to study with our faculty of renowned writers, working in diverse aesthetic traditions in a wide range of classes. You’ll also have the opportunity to work with our exemplary literature professors in courses that focus on the history and criticism of literature and literary theory. You’ll work closely and collaboratively with faculty to develop and complete your creative writing thesis during the final year of study. You will be encouraged to write a thesis that is risky, investigative, and confident, that pushes your development as a writer, and speaks to your own passions, experiences, and ideas. Our alumnae/i regularly go on to publish work produced as part of their thesis at Mills.

In the Mills MFA writing program you’ll engage with your fellow students and with a vibrant local and national literary community through numerous events, and find many opportunities for professional development in teaching, publishing, and performance.

We offer both two-year and three-year course of study options for the graduate English programs. The MFA in creative writing with an emphasis in prose degree requirements are exactly the same whether you choose to earn you master's in two years or three; your study is simply completed over a different time frame.

The Mills English Department is committed to offering both need-based scholarships and a large number of partial-tuition graduate assistantships. We offer a small number of competitive full-tuition fellowships to applicants entering the MFA and MA programs.

In short, you can shape your MFA in creative writing in a variety of ways to create a one-of-a-kind educational experience that fits your artistic, career, and educational goals.


Last Updated: 10/19/17