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Whether your passion ultimately lies in teaching, writing, research, or publishing, you will build a strong foundation with the MA in English Language and Literatures Program at Mills. Synthesize historical and contemporary traditions to culminate in a scholarly, personal project that sparks your passion.

The master of arts (MA) degree in English Language and Literatures is designed to develop your critical writing and scholarly research skills essential to a variety of professional paths. Our MA in literature alumnae/i go on to further study in top-tier PhD programs, and many have found positions as full-time professors at both community colleges and four-year institutions. Others teach high school, or have embarked on promising careers in critical and technical writing, publishing, and editing.

While at Mills, you’ll have the opportunity to study with our faculty of renowned scholars and writers, and to explore both historical traditions and contemporary literatures in a wide range of classes. You’ll find valuable opportunities to work closely and collaboratively with faculty to develop your own research agenda as you choose a course of study and develop a final MA research project that is a sustained piece of scholarly research. Our MA in literature students regularly attend and present at nationally recognized literary conferences, and many of our alumnae/i publish articles based on the work they completed at Mills.

Mills also offers a wide range of teaching opportunities (including graduate assistantships and the Project Verb), literary events, and professional development for students in our English graduate programs. Our MA candidates are active teachers and tutors at Mills and in the greater San Francisco Bay Area community, assisting in undergraduate classrooms and working at local high schools and colleges. We encourage students to interact with the local literary network which encompasses UC Berkeley, Stanford, and San Francisco State for access to an even wider range of lectures and research libraries. Cross-registration at UC Berkeley and many other local institutions is available, as is access to courses across the Mills liberal arts curriculum.

Mills allows students to choose from two-year and three-year course of study options for the graduate English programs. The MA in literature degree requirements are exactly the same whether you choose to earn your master's in two years or three; your study is simply completed over a different time frame.

The Mills English Department is committed to offering both need-based scholarships and a large number of partial-tuition graduate assistantships to help students in our graduate programs fund their studies.

In short, you can shape your MA in English Language and Literatures in a variety of ways to create a one-of-a-kind educational experience that fits your career and educational goals.


Last Updated: 10/19/17