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Regina Stroud The right program, geographical proximity, and the ability to balance professional responsibilities with studying gave Regina what she needed for professional advancement. Read profile »


Victoria Forrester While searching for a career change, Victoria uncovered her natural leadership skills. A supportive learning community and the encouragement to become a change agent led to her success today. Read profile »


Mitchell Ha The Educational Leadership Program was a perfect match for Mitchell's professional goals. Accessible faculty, dynamic discussion, and close collaboration with colleagues made the program distinct. Read profile »


Virginia Tremblay Living a mission and shaping society were “must-haves” for Virginia. Mills prepared her to navigate the challenges inherent in urban education environments and to confidently hold to her ideals. Read profile »


Wenonah Elms Mills enabled Wenonah to bridge theory and practice while providing access to internships, significant career connections, and fulfilling hands-on experience working at the Mills College Children's School. Read profile »


Aija Simmons Mills enabled Aija to explore educational challenges and develop actionable plans for contributing to social justice and change. She stays connected to Mills for inspiration and ongoing learning. Read profile »

Last Updated: 6/9/17