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Teacher Education: Teachers for Tomorrow's Schools


Teachers for Tomorrow's Schools (TTS) is comprised of combined credential and MA programs that prepare professional, reflective, collaborative, and visionary teachers who are committed to improving K–12 education in urban schools. Through the careful integration of research, theory, and practice, our programs include simultaneous course work and classroom teaching grounded in our core principles. In a highly collaborative community of dedicated professionals, students gain the knowledge, ethical frameworks, and a supportive network of colleagues to grapple with the social, moral, and political dilemmas of teaching practice.

New students spend one academic year in full-time course work and student teaching. Students may then apply for a California state teaching credential in either multiple subjects (grades K–8) or a single subject (grades 6–12). We prepare students for single subject credentials in the humanities (art, English, or social science) or in mathematics and science.

A unique feature of the Teacher Education Programs is that students may return to Mills any time in the five years after they complete their credential to complete an MA in education with an emphasis in teaching (MEET). These classes are offered in late afternoons and evenings while students work full time as teachers, and emphasize research on teaching and learning in the students' own classroom and school. Students complete an inquiry project based on their own teaching practices.

Multiple subject credential students who wish to pursue an MA in education with an emphasis in early childhood education spend the year after their credential year in full-time, weekday course work to complete their degrees.

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Last Updated: 8/29/17