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Single Subject Credential in Mathematics or Science

Degree Requirements

Single Subject Credential:
Mathematics or Science

This single subject credential program prepares students to teach mathematics, life sciences, or physical sciences in grades 6–12. There is a midcareer mathematics and science track within the single subject credential program which offers special opportunities for those who have chosen to leave the private sector or other professional roles in order to pursue a career in mathematics or science teaching.


EDUC 305A/B Curriculum and Instruction for Secondary Math and Science Teachers (3; 3)

EDUC 339 Development and Learning in Adolescents (3)

EDUC 347A/B Introduction to the Profession of Teaching Diverse Learners (3; 3)

EDUC 349 Perspectives on Disability, Inclusion, and Assessment (2)

EDUC 353 English Language Development and Content Instruction Methods—Single Subject (3)

EDUC 385A/B Student Teaching (2; 2)

EDUC 389 Teaching Reading and Writing in the Secondary Schools (3)

Two of the following:

EDUC 393 Topics in Chemistry (2)

EDUC 394 Topics in Mathematics (2)

EDUC 395 Topics in Biology (2)

EDUC 396 Topics in Physics (2)


Last Updated: 7/26/17