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Mills Education Programs

The School of Education at Mills College prepares leaders for teaching, administration, early childhood education, work in hospitals, and other educational settings.

We offer three areas of advanced study in early childhood education, educational leadership, and teacher education. Within each program area are strands that allow you to focus your graduate work on specializations including: early childhood special education, child life in hospitals, independent school leadership, and early childhood leadership. Our doctoral degree (EdD) in educational leadership prepares graduates for a variety of positions including curriculum development, higher education administration, and university teaching.

We believe that learning, knowledge, and change happen through collaboration with colleagues. Every course focuses on the complex interrelationships between theory, research, and practice based on the understanding that grounded practice informs theory, just as theory and research guide practice. Our graduates have a lasting impact on educational communities, practices, and policies.


Last Updated: 6/9/17