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Multiple Subject Credential

The Multiple Subject Credential Program prepares students to teach kindergarten through eighth grade in multi-subject classrooms. The program is designed to allow students to teach in any classroom, but particularly those in urban schools; to think from a developmental and constructivist perspective; to work with colleagues and families for the promotion of student growth; and to grapple with the social, moral, and political dilemmas of teaching practice. We believe that elementary teachers attend to the positive development of the whole child by successfully integrating the aims of authority with caring, and the aims of academic rigor with playfulness and mindful joy.

This teaching credential program accomplishes these goals through the constant interplay of theory and practice, by offering fieldwork and course work simultaneously, and through the close personal attention that our intimate community of learners provides. The program prepares our students to be successful teachers in schools as they exist currently, and at the same time, to change them to better meet students' needs.

Graduates of the program are eligible to apply for a California preliminary teaching credential; this credential is reciprocal in most states.

Distinctive Features

  • Cohort-based program: The program year begins with a late summer course in mathematical understanding in elementary school teaching. The program also includes a late summer retreat where you meet other new students and the faculty—the people who will become colleagues as you enter the teaching profession.

  • Coherent curriculum: Course work reflects a group of core principles which have been developed by the faculty. Faculty meet regularly to ensure the principles are reflected in the program's course work and fieldwork components.

  • Professional focus: Throughout the program, students have multiple opportunities to discuss the roles and ethical responsibilities of teaching, including the specialized body of knowledge that characterizes the work and a set of core ethical commitments that guides it.

  • Inquiry stance: Learning is at the heart of good teaching. The program prepares students with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary to base their teaching on what and how students learn.

Course Work

The teaching credential course work integrates theory and practice to prepare students to teach in an urban setting and is guided by an overarching concern for social justice. See the Requirements page for a list of courses required for this program; see the Course Descriptions page for paragraph-length descriptions of individual courses.


Over the course of the program, students work alongside an experienced cooperating teacher in two different settings and at two different grade levels: one semester in primary (K–3), and one semester in upper elementary (3–6). In addition to the cooperating teacher, students have a Mills supervisor who visits the classroom twice each month and provides weekly guidance and feedback as students learn to teach.

Students also have a weekly seminar with their elementary school supervisors and colleagues to discuss and grapple with the complexities of classroom experiences.

Completing the MA

Students in the Multiple Subject Credential Program may continue their studies to complete their MA through the MEET Program or the MA in education with an emphasis in early childhood education.

Career Opportunities

Graduates from the Multiple Subject Credential Program obtain jobs in public, charter, and independent schools in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond, though most teach in urban public schools. The Mills Career Services Office provides support in finding these placements, and our large network of alumnae/i is an invaluable resource in the job search process.


Last Updated: 8/29/17