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MA in Education (MEET)

After the completion of the credential year at Mills, students have five years to return to Mills to complete the four additional courses required for an MA in education with an emphasis in teaching (MEET). Students are also classroom teachers, so these courses are offered in the late afternoons or early evenings. Whether courses are taken on a full-time or part-time basis, students gain sustained connection with their colleagues and faculty and have increased support as they enter their classrooms as new teachers.

Distinctive Features

    • Inquiry stance: The program's course work is designed to support students as they build an inquiry stance into their teaching. Mills students have the opportunity to develop and conduct a research project focused on their practice and their students' learning.

  • Professional development: All students in the MEET year are employed as either full- or part-time teachers.

Course Work

Building on the foundation of the credential year, MEET course work aims to further develop the teachers' inquiry stance, which prepares them well for dealing with the complex and yet exciting uncertainties of urban school teaching. The culminating experience for the program is a year-long classroom-based research project. The students present the results in a research forum at the end of the MEET year. Because all students in the program are employed as either full- or part-time teachers, their research allows them to grapple in depth with the questions they face in their daily classroom work. See the Requirements page for a list of courses required for this program; see the Course Descriptions page for paragraph-length descriptions of individual courses.

Career Opportunities

Graduates from the MEET Program may obtain jobs in public, charter, and independent school in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Most MEET graduates choose to teach upon receiving their degree. However, some decide to take other positions in education where they draw upon the knowledge, skills, and dispositions they gained in their two years of graduate study. In addition to the strong alumnae/i support network, the Mills Career Services Office provides placement support for graduates of the MEET Program.


Last Updated: 8/16/17