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Independent School Leadership

Degree Requirements

Master of Arts in Educational Leadership (MA)
with an Emphasis in Independent School Leadership
(a minimum of 40 semester course credits)

The master's degree in education leadership with a concentration in private/independent school leadership is designed to enhance students' knowledge, skills, values, and practical experience so they can achieve their potential as leaders in independent school settings. The core curriculum of this program builds on the current school leadership program and is complemented with electives focused on independent school leadership. Within the context of their coursework, students will experience integrative projects and related fieldwork. The special features of the program include course work and guided fieldwork experiences specifically geared to meet the needs of independent school educators as well as connections to an extensive network of cooperating schools.

Degree Requirements:

EDUC 401 School Leadership (4)

EDUC 404 Instructional Leadership (4)

EDUC 407 Perspectives on Human Resource Management (4)

EDUC 409A Field Experience (4)

EDUC 409B Field Experience (4)

EDUC 411A Independent School Leadership I (4)

EDUC 411B Independent School Leadership II(4)

Select one of the following:

EDUC 403 Administrative Leadership: Theory, Concepts, and Practice (4)

EDUC 406 Fiscal and Business Services (2)

EDUC 412 School Law and Public Policy (2)

EDUC 426 Ethical and Moral Considerations in Educational Leadership (4)

EDUC 427 Issues of Race and Ethnicity in Education (4)


Last Updated: 7/26/17