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Administrative Services Credential

This credential program prepares students for leadership positions in public educational institutions and emphasizes developmental and constructivist approaches to education. School leaders learn to test theory in practice, anticipate consequences, and evaluate outcomes in a wide range of educational settings. Graduates have a strong record of becoming successful school administrators and leaders in educational reform. The Administrative Services Credential can be earned alone, or in conjunction with either the MA in educational leadership or EdD in educational leadership.

Distinctive Features

    • Credential-based: Students may study to apply for a Tier I credential that certify them to become school administrators in California's K–12 public school system.

    • One-year commitment: The course work for the ASC Tier I credential may be completed in one year, with evening classes and meetings.

Course Work

Students work with their advisors to develop a coherent program of study that reflects their particular interests, and they create a professional portfolio as a capstone project. The credential is usually studied for in conjunction with either the MA in educational leadership or EdD in educational leadership. See the Requirements page for a list of courses required for this program; see the Course Descriptions page for paragraph-length descriptions of individual courses.


The program values the students' ability to perform well and the rigor of their research. However, the real test of a novice administrator is at the school site, where they may use their growing knowledge and skills in a leadership capacity. Students are assigned mentor principals and field supervisors who support their leadership growth through reflective conversations, advice, and by modeling appropriate practice.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the program are employed in 21 Bay Area school districts, including those in Alameda, Contra Costa, Sacramento, San Francisco, San Mateo, and Santa Clara Counties.


Last Updated: 7/26/17