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MA Early Childhood Education
Course Description

Teaching Children Mathematics and Science I

This course is designed to familiarize students with pedagogy and content knowledge required for the teaching of math and science in elementary schools with diverse learners. An interdisciplinary approach will be taken that incorporates both math and science teaching and learning with a focus on how these subjects inform and build on one another. We will engage with relevant recent research, current standards, and state frameworks in order to understand our role as elementary math and science educators. We will also work to explore both the place of math and science in the elementary school.

Course Credit:

Ruth Cossey and Rebecca Akin
Instructor consent required.

Restricted to students enrolled in Teachers for Tomorrow's Schools. Graduate students, and Seniors accepted into the 4+1 Teachers for Tomorrow's Schools program, do not need instructor permission. Undergraduate Juniors who intend to apply to Teachers for Tomorrow's Schools should secure instructor permission.
Open to graduate students only.


Last Updated: 9/21/17