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MA Early Childhood Education
Course Description

EDUC 303
Teaching Children Mathematics

The course explores recommendations from research, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, the California Department of Education, and others about appropriate elementary school mathematics education. The three-fold emphasis will be on how to plan and enact mathematical lessons, how to understand and promote students’ mathematical thinking, and how to provide children a balanced program of mathematical study that results in conceptual understanding, procedural fluency, and sound reasoning. The great diversity found in California classrooms will be a prime consideration.

Course Credit:

Ruth Cossey and Linda Honeyman


Admission to Teachers for Tomorrow's Schools Credential Program is required for graduates.Undergraduates must have advisor and instructor approval and intend to apply for Teachers for Tomorrow's Schools Credential Program.All enrollees must have elementary school field placements.
Open to graduate students only.


Last Updated: 9/21/17