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About Us

The School of Education at Mills College is a leader in the preparation of future teachers, leaders, and early childhood education professionals, especially those who plan to work in urban settings.

About Mills Located in Oakland, California, the School of Education focuses on three program areas: early childhood education, educational leadership, and teacher education.

A central strand through each of our varied programs is a focus on building leadership through the practice of inquiry. Our conception of leadership begins with understanding oneself, our professional relationships with others, and our role in the world. In our courses and work in the community, we continuously examine notions of social justice at multiple levels, recognizing that teaching is a political practice. Our graduates have had, and will continue to have, a lasting impact on educational communities, policies, and practices. We believe that knowledge is always constructed together, and learning and change happen through collaboration among colleagues. We teach the complex interrelationships between theory, research, and practice based on the understanding that grounded practice informs theory, just as theory and research guide practice. In our classrooms and in the community, we emphasize the ethic of care, embracing diverse perspectives and life experiences.




Last Updated: 7/12/17