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Mary Sano

Mary SanoMary Sano, director of the Mary Sano Studio of Duncan Dancing, is a protégée of Mignon Garland, who founded the Isadora Duncan Heritage Society (IDHS) in San Francisco. A native of Japan, Sano began to study Duncan dance with Garland in San Francisco in 1979, and established the Japanese branch of the IDHS in 1983. In the Bay Area, Sano received an MA in Dance from Mills College in 1991, and began to train a group of dancers in the Duncan style, and formed Mary Sano and her Duncan Dancers in 1993. The Mary Sano Studio of Duncan Dancing, which she opened in 1997 in San Francisco (, is dedicated to preserving the art of Isadora Duncan and to exploring its contemporary relevance through ongoing new work. She teaches, performs internationally, and produces the annual dance and music events at her studio, the Dionysian Festival: a celebration of Isadora Duncan’s birthday (May); and A Terpsichorean Celebration (November).

What about your Mills experience have you continued to benefit from since graduating?

Being active in the SF Bay Area as a dancer/choreographer/artistic director, all my study and hard work at Mills continually benefit and support my work.

How has dance helped shape your current work or passions?

I have been very active in dance since my graduation and it continues to be my life's passion.

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