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Bianca Brzezinski

Bianca BrzezinskiBianca Brzezinski is an award winning dance artist in the Bay Area. She founded Opal Street Dance Improvisation Theater in 2010, a psychosomatic approach to conscious evolution through movement. Bianca is working towards creating a dance documentary entitled, Remember your Roots, inspired by healing and honoring our embodied connection to the earth. Bianca’s intention is to encourage audiences to question their freedom and authenticity. She investigates ideas of our innate emotional intelligence to advocate for freedom and the need to be true to our internal rhythms.

As an international artist, she has performed in Poland, France and Turkey. She sees movement as a universal language that communicates and expresses emotion to create colorful movement collages.

There is no standardized way to measure the full capacity of a person’s being until we can create an open and more compassionate world view where people are allowed to express who they truly are.

What about your Mills experience have you continued to benefit from since graduating?

Since graduating, my wings have taken shape to travel, experiment, and always continue to brave towards forging new worlds, never giving up and owning my curiosity as a human being/artist. Mills allowed me to see improvisation, somatic work, and theater as uniting my mind, body and spirit connection. Mills gave me the opportunity of working with talented musicians, life long support and mentors, and a community of friends. Mills has nurtured the pioneer spirit within me, empowering my voice as a woman.

How has dance helped shape your current work or passions?

I see life through its movement. Movement speaks to me louder than words. The expansive land at Mills, the freedom, awareness, and opportunity granted me the skills to choreograph from behind the camera, dance on the land, work site specifically, and to continually challenge standard performance structures.

My work is continually shape shifting and gaining new perspectives. This is the beauty that art brings to one's life.

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