Interdisciplinary Computer Science
Our students' Masters in Interdisciplinary Science thesis papers cover a broad range of subjects. Displayed on this page are theses on the following topics:

English Classics
Environmental Research
Geographic Information Systems
Information Retrieval/Internet

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English Classics

Benjamin Butler, 1989

"The Latin Meter Analyst"

Development of a computer application to help classics students study the meter of Latin poetry.

Environmental Research

Gloria Goyena, 2000

"Virtual Logbook"

In environmental analytical laboratories, gravimetric analyses have traditionally been performed by writing data into a logbook and computing the results by using a calculator. This thesis examines the effectiveness of automating gravimetric analyses through the use of an application created to capture weights directly into the computer, automatically calculate data, and enter final results into the laboratory database.


Claire LaVelle, 2005

"FriendlyRoboCopy: A GUI to RoboCopy for Computer Forensic Examiners"

One of the challenges in computer forensics today is the extraction of data from computer clusters. This challenge exists when an investigator needs to copy data from a computer cluster with a file system that is not recognized by examiners' extraction tools. It also exists because the nodes in the cluster cannot be traditionally imaged. This has forced examiners to use system administrators' tools such as RoboCopy [Rob1]. RoboCopy is a complicated command-line interface but robust and supported by Microsoft. This thesis proposes FriendlyRoboCopy, a user interface between examiners and the RoboCopy utility.

Geographic Information Systems

Joseph Cancilla, 2010

"Pennyrun : a GPS-enabled Exercise-tracking and Micro-giving Application"

This project utilizes software engineering principles in the design of a system that monitors and manages exercise on a mobile device and coordinates accrued mileage with a pledge-collecting website. Runners collect pledges online and see dollar amounts increase as they run. An accompanying business plan assesses the feasibility of launching the system as a charitable social venture.

Leah S. Roderman, 2003

"Geoenergy: An Online Mapping Interface to Electrical Power Plant Data"

This thesis describes the development of Geoenergy, a mapping application designed to present data about power plants. The Geoenergy application demonstrates an alternative to text table displays of data queries by using a map-based graphical user interface. Geoenergy returns information from a database as images, inviting users to rapidly assess basic attributes of electrical power plants. This tool improves the accessibility of information by using real world locations of physical objects to introduce more complex characteristics such as plant generation, capacity and revenue. Geoenergys method of mapping plant location data will prove valuable for many different kinds of users, from market analysts to average consumers.


Edward M. Balzer, 1997

"SIDS Forum: A World Wide Web Based Conferencing System Focused on Sudden Infant Death Syndrome"

Accurate information and well structured and supported communication about SIDS are important facets of support for the parents of SIDS victims. The goal of this thesis work is to create a tool, accessible from the Web, for facilitating the exchange of information about SIDS. This tool allows for group discussion by small members of persons who can also share web documents. It is linked to a set of SIDS information sources -- glossaries, web pages, and other resources.

Lisa Lemon, 1992

"Breast Cancer Information and Resources"

The interactive multimedia Breast Cancer Information Resource will provide users with informational computer movies, supplementary information in the computer database, and a breast cancer information resource guide focusing on the San Francisco Bay Area. All information is printable with a printing option always available to free the user from taking notes. Ideally, such a resource might eventually be installed in such publicly accessible locations as consumer health libraries or comprehensive breast health centers, both of which are proliferating. Project evaluators include health care professionals and educators, and women of various ages.

Information Retrieval/Internet

Lisa Fenwick Collart, 2002

"Automating and Improving Functionality of DVDFile"

The Internet has become a vast source of information, but without organization that information is rendered useless. In this thesis I organized the data on a particular website, DVDFile, by adding a search mechanism and creating an XML document feed through the use of databases and automation. This resulted in an improvement in both the sites functionality and its profitability.

Anita W. Huang, 2000

"Aurora: A Semantic Transcoding System to Enable Web Service Accessibility for Disabled Users"

The explosive growth the World Wide Web (Web) brings with it both new opportunities and new problems for people with disabilities. Given the diverse needs of this heterogeneous population, the Web today calls for new approaches to ensure its accessibility for all people, regardless of ability. This thesis presents Aurora, a system that takes a conceptual approach to Web-content accessibility. Based on user-goals, it classifies the Web into series of different service domains, such as on-line auctions, search-engines, and travel. It generalizes the functions of each domain using a single set of XML schemas to represent all Web sites in the domain. Based on this framework, it (1) targets and extracts content from existing Web pages, (2) converts it from HTML into XML, and (3) uses a set of specialized adaptors to transform the XML for display according to specific user needs.

Dyuti Sengupta, 2000

"A Visual Interface for World Wide Web Information Retrieval in ParaSite"

Most popular search tools for the World Wide Web (the Web) search the entire text of Web pages. These text-based searches do not always locate relevant results, nor do they display information clearly. In addition to textual information, structural information such as links and titles help users find interesting pages. ParaSite is a system that lets people use structural information to search the web; however, ParaSite lacks a graphical user interfact (GUI). I designed, developed, and evaluated a GUI for ParaSite, allowing users to leverage structural information graphically in their searches. User studies showed that the GUI was effective and indicated ways in which the design could be further improved.

Rachel A. Hall, 1999

"Keyword Only Search Queries: An Examination of Thesaurus Based Methods"

The purpose of this thesis work is to cast attention on one aspect of this problem which is the tendency of many users to conduct least effort Internet searches. Such queries rely soley on keywords for input, ignoring any advanced search grammar or refining functionality offered by most search engines. The research outlined in this proposal will examine the implications of a thesaurus-aided modification of a user's query as a means for retrieving better results. The study will include both general subject keyword queries and a set of focused keyword queries directed at locating content relevant to a more narrowly defined topic area.