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MFA in Book Art and Creative Writing
Course Description

BOOK 240
The Movable Book: Ideas in Time and Space

This course explores the artist's book as a time-based medium. What common issues does the book have in relation to other time-based media such as music, film, and performance, and how do they diverge? How can the physical structure of the book be used to draw the reader into a deeply focused viewing experience? Students will learn how to create movable paper mechanisms, how to approach the structured use of time in the book form, as well as how to incorporate three-dimensional book structures and simple image making techniques into their own content for artists’ books.
Offered every other year beginning 2019-20.

Course Credit:

Julie Chen

Offered in alternation with: BOOK 121
This class is available for letter grade or pass-no pass only. No auditors.
Limit twelve students.
Open to sophomores, juniors, seniors, and graduate students.

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