Studio Art Program

Degree Requirements

Master of Fine Arts in Studio Art
(a minimum of 48 semester course credits)


ARTS 180 ST: Texting: How to Write about Art (3; 3). This course must be taken twice in the second year.

ARTS 201 Concentrations in Painting, Sculpture, Ceramics, Photography, Electronic Arts, Video (3; 3; 3; 3). This course must be taken each semester.

ARTS 287 Topics in Contemporary Art (3)

ARTS 288 Contemporary Art and Critical Thinking (3)

ARTS 291 Graduate Seminar (3; 3). This course must be taken twice in the first year.

ARTS 293 Degree Exhibition and Artist Statement (1;
1). This course must be taken twice in the second year.

And select four courses from the following list, or other courses in consultation with faculty advisor:

ARTS 143 Contemporary Photographic Practice I (4)

ARTS 145 Contemporary Photographic Practice II (4)

ARTS 149 Contemporary Photographic Practice III (4)

ARTS 151 Advanced Drawing (4)

ARTS 161 Advanced Painting (4)

ARTS 164 Advanced Ceramics (4)

ARTS 173 Advanced Sculpture (4)

ARTS 205 Concentrations in Ceramics, Painting, Photography, Sculpture/Intermedia (4). This course may be taken four times.

IART 219 Electronic Arts (4)

IART 220 Advanced Electronic Arts (4)

IART 247 Video I (4)

IART 248 Video II (4)

Or one upper-division course in art history or in another academic subject in consultation with faculty advisor.

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