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ARTS 287
Topics in Contemporary Art

Contemporary art, especially that which enters into the forefront of artistic dialog, is a reflection of contemporary culture. It stems from this moment, it’s political, social, and aesthetic undercurrents—as well as the art historical precedents that shape current activities. This seminar is designed to facilitate discussion and writing about contemporary art and its cultural context. This survey on dominant themes in contemporary art is intended to give studio artists grounding in and context for their own practice.

Students will investigate a number of current themes, phenomenon, and issues in contemporary art. As much as possible, the discussion-based seminar will tap into the first hand experience of art as seen current Bay Area exhibitions reflective of present concerns in artistic, curatorial and critical practices. Broader cultural themes (politics, current events, etc.), art publications and critical theory will also be addressed. In addition, students will develop skills in writing and communicating about their own artwork.


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