Athletics, Physical Education, and Recreation


Themy Adachi
Assistant Dean of Student Life,
Director of Athletics
, Physical Education and Recreation
Haas Pavilion 109, 510.430.3285,

Amy Brown
Healthy Eating
Rothwell 168, 510.430.2054,

Tony Canedo
Head Tennis Coach, Elementary and Intermediate Tennis
Tennis Courts, 510.430.3257,

Jack Cowden
Head Volleyball Coach, Volleyball
Haas Pavilion 113, 510.430.3283,

Claire Donaldson
Elementary Swimming
Trefethen Aquatic Center, 510.430.2170,

Lilia Dosalmas
Head Soccer Coach, Strength Training, Soccer
Haas Pavilion 111, 510.430.2395,

Alexandra Fox
Assistant Director of Athletics
Haas Pavilion 106, 510.430.2232,

Harold Hayes
Haas Pavilion 103, 510.430.2172

Tracie Harrison
Zumba, 20/20/10, Yoga, Abs and Back Strengthening
Haas Pavilion 103, 510.430.2172,

Katrina LaShea
Iyengar Yoga
Haas Pavilion 103, 510.430.2172,

Marla Mundis
Haas Pavilion 103, 510.430.2172,

Sara Nevin
Head Rowing Coach, Hiking, Strength Training
Haas Pavilion 104, 510.430.3256,

Tak Oda
Haas Pavilion 103, 510.430.2172,

Marisa Pugliano
Pilates and Flow Yoga
Haas Pavilion 103, 510.430.2172,

Christine Schoefer
Personal Wellness and Personal Defense
Haas Pavilion 103, 510.430.2172,

Natalie Spangler, ATC
Head Athletic Trainer, Softball Club Head Coach, Intro to Sports Medicine, Advanced Conditioning, Cyclone Century Club
Haas Pavilion 107, 510.430.3323

Alisha Strater
Farming and Food Justice
Gaia House, 510.430.2230,

Nic Van Dyke
Assistant Director
Haas Pavilion 103, 510.430.2172

Ivory Veale
Head Cross Country Coach, Physical Education Coordinator
Haas Pavilion 108, 510.430.3282,

Neil Virtue
Head Swim Coach, Intermediate and Fitness Swimming Instructor
Haas Pavilion 105, 510.430.3284,

Hilary Worthen, ATC
Assistant Athletic Trainer
Haas Pavilion 107, 510.430.3368

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Last Updated: 3/15/18