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Graduate Music Faculty
David Bernstein David Bernstein
Professor of Music
Music 264
510.430.2025, davidb@mills.edu
Office Hours: Monday 1:00-3:00 and by appointment

Professional Interests: John Cage, Pauline Oliveros, American Experimentalism, avant-garde music and aesthetics, Arnold Schoenberg's tonal theories, post-tonal theory and analysis, 20th-century music literature, the history of late 19th- and early 20th-century harmonic theory


John Bischoff John Bischoff
Professor, Composer
Luther Brusie Marchant Professorship
Music 244
510.430.2331, bischoff@mills.edu
Office Hours: Thursday 1:00-3:00 and by appointment

Professional Interests: Composition; electronic music for solo performers, computer network bands, and instrumental ensembles; alternative tuning systems; electroacoustic instrument construction
Audio Clip—Circuit Combine  
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Chris Brown Chris Brown
Professor of Music
Co-Director, Center for Contemporary Music
Music 243
510.430.2330, cbmus@mills.edu

Professional Interests: Composition and improvisation, interactive electronic music, musical instrument building and new instrumental resources, sound installations, algorithmic composition, 21st century performance practice, world music
Audio Clip—Petals  
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James Fei James Fei
John and Martha Davidson Professorship
Associate Professor, Electronic Arts
Program Head of Intermedia Arts
Music 231
510.430.2329, jfei@mills.edu
Office Hours: Thursday 4:00-5:30 and by appointment

Professional Interests: Composition, improvisation, sound installation, live electronic music, recording, intermedia
Audio Clip—The Nerve Meter  
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Fred Frith Fred Frith
Professor of Music
Music 275
510.430.2142, frith@mills.edu
Office Hours: Wednesday 10:00-11:00 and by appointment

Professional Interests: Composition and songwriting; the performance of both composed and improvised music; collaboration in the fields of theater, dance, and film; improvisational pedagogy
Nalini Ghuman Nalini Ghuman
Frederick A Rice Professorship
Department Head
Professor of Music
Music 265
510.430.2332, nalinig@mills.edu
Office Hours: Monday 2:30-3:30, Wednesday 11:00 am-12:00 pm and by appointment

Professional Interests: Nineteenth- and 20th-century western classical music and opera; solo and chamber piano performance; ethnomusicology (particularly North Indian vocal music and Welsh folk music); cultural studies; post-colonial perspectives on musical orientalism, nationalism, and cross-cultural musical exchange
Roscoe Mitchell Roscoe Mitchell
Professor of Music
Darius Milhaud Professorship
Music 276
510.430.2200, rmitchell@mills.edu
Office Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday 8:00-9:00 and by appointment

Professional Interests: Composition and the performance of composed and improvised music 
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Maggi Payne Maggi Payne
Professor of Music
Co-Director, Center for Contemporary Music
Luther Brusie Marchant Professorship
Music 232
510.430.2187, maggi@mills.edu
Office Hours: Wednesday 5:15-7:15 and by appointment

Professional Interests: Interdisciplinary electroacoustic composition and performance; the creation of works for electronic and visual media; music recording and editing
Audio Clip—Black Ice  
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Visiting Scholars & Artists

Zeena Parkins
Distinguished Visiting Artist, Spring
Music 275
510.430.2142, zenpark1@me.com
Office Hours: by appointment

Professional Interests: Composition; Improvisation; Sound installations; recording; sound processing; inventing new harps; performances of music: acoustic/electric, analog/digital, composed/improvised; writing scores for film, theater and dance with a particularly strong commitment to collaborative work with choreographers and visual artists



Jennifer L. Wilsey
Assistant Adjunct Professor
Music 248
Office Hours: by appointment

Professional Interests: Deep Listening; contemplative practices in the arts and higher education; pedagogies and practices of improvisation, musicianship, and music theory.


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Steed Cowart
Concert Coordinator
Music 138, 510.430.2334, steed@mills.edu

Les Stuck
Technical Director
Music 233, 510.430.2336, les@mills.edu

Stephanie Neumann
Faculty Administrative Assistant
Music 137, 510.430.2171, sneumann@mills.edu

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