Faculty & Staff

David Bernstein
Professor of Music
Music 264, 510.430.2025,
Professional Interests: John Cage, Pauline Oliveros, American experimentalism, avant-garde music and aesthetics, Arnold Schoenberg's tonal theories, post-tonal theory and analysis, 20th-century music literature, the history of late 19th- and early 20th-century harmonic theory

John Bischoff
Professor of Music
Luther Brusie Marchant Professorship
Music 244, 510.430.2331,
Professional Interests: Composition; electronic music for solo performers, computer network bands, and instrumental ensembles; alternative tuning systems; electroacoustic instrument construction

James Fei
John and Martha Davidson Professorship
Professor of Intermedia and Electronic Arts
Program Head of Art and Technology
Music 231, 510.430.2329,
Professional Interests: Composition, improvisation, sound installation, live electronic music, recording, intermedia

Nalini Ghuman
Frederick A Rice Professorship
Department Head
Professor of Music
Music 265, 510.430.2332,
Professional Interests: Nineteenth- and 20th-century Western classical music and opera; solo and chamber piano performance; ethnomusicology (particularly North Indian vocal music and Welsh folk music); cultural studies; post-colonial perspectives on musical orientalism, nationalism, and cross-cultural musical exchange

Roscoe Mitchell
Professor of Music
Darius Milhaud Professorship
Music 276, 510.430.2200,
Professional Interests: Composition and the performance of composed and improvised music

Visiting Scholars & Artists

Zeena Parkins
Distinguished Visiting Artist, Spring
Music 275, 510.430.2142,
Office Hours: By appointment
Professional Interests: Composition; improvisation; sound installations; recording; sound processing; inventing new harps; performances of music: acoustic/electric, analog/digital, composed/improvised; writing scores for film, theater and dance with a particularly strong commitment to collaborative work with choreographers and visual artists

Laetitia Sonami
Professor of Music
Music 243,
Office Hours: By appointment
Professional Interests: Composition, strategies for live performance of electronic music, new interfaces and wearables, interactive systems, sound installations in the pubic sphere, intermedia, collaborations with writers, film makers and dancers.

Jennifer L. Wilsey
Assistant Adjunct Professor
Music 248,
Office Hours: By appointment
Professional Interests: Deep Listening; contemplative practices in the arts and higher education; pedagogies and practices of improvisation, musicianship, and music theory.

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Steed Cowart
Concert Coordinator
Music 138, 510.430.2334,

Les Stuck
Technical Director
Music 233, 510.430.2336,

Stephanie Neumann
Faculty Administrative Assistant
Music 137, 510.430.2171,

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Last Updated: 9/13/18