Hellman Summer Science and Math Program
Faculty & Staff

Sandra M. Banks
Lecturer, Chemistry
NSB 125, 510.430.3133, smbanks@mills.edu
Professional Interests: Chemical education, organic chemistry-spectroscopy and organic chemistry reaction mechanisms

Elisabeth Wade
Professor of Chemistry
Associate Provost for Curricular Development
NSB 117, 510.430.3132, ewade@mills.edu
Professional Interests: Chemical kinetics, atmospheric pollutants, atmospheric and combustion chemistry

Helen Walter
Visiting Assistant Professor
Office of Learning, Advising, and Balance and Peer Tutoring, Director
Hellman Summer Science and Math, Director
NSB 131, 510.430.2035, hwalter@mills.edu
Professional Interests: Identifying meningococcal factor H binding protein mutants with no human factor H binding

Last Updated: 3/15/18