Why Mills

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Department Philosophy

The faculty in the English Department at Mills share this common set of values about teaching and learning:

Intellectual and Creative Challenge

Faculty, staff, and students cultivate an environment where individuals embrace intellectual and creative challenges, evolving as artists and intellectuals.

Community Engagement

We acknowledge our existence in a community not just on a campus. The program inspires students to develop their political and social consciousness, activating their role as writers and scholars in Oakland, the Bay Area, and beyond.

Cultural and Critical Inquiry

Our classrooms are places where we meet socially and culturally difficult questions head on, engaging critically and respectfully with the work of others. We examine the opportunities and challenges that issues of race and other diversities bring.


We are committed not only to “canon” but to canons, plural, including canons previously unrecognized. Our classrooms value the diverse knowledge and experiences our students bring.


We are committed to making expectations clear and achievable, teaching concrete skills for critical and creative inquiry, self-empowerment and expression, and demystifying academic conventions and creative process. To this end, faculty strive to bring their lives and experiences as working artists and scholars into the classroom.

No Final Words

We acknowledge that in any conversation about reading, writing, culture, art, and society, there can never be one final opinion; there is always more to say.


Last Updated: 6/19/17