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Graduate Book Art Faculty

Janice Braun
Special Collections Librarian
Milhaud Archivist
Director of the Center for the Book
Book Art Program

F. W. Olin Library
510.430.2047, jbraun@mills.edu
Professional Interests: History of books and printing, illustrated books, artists' books, the avant-garde
Julie Chen Julie Chen
Professor of Book Art
CPM, Room 119
510.430.2217, jchen@mills.edu
Office Hours: Tuesday 4:00-5:00, Thursday 4:00-5:00 by appointment

An internationally known book artist who has been publishing limited edition artists' books under the Flying Fish Press imprint for over 20 years, Julie Chen's courses include Building the Contemporary Book and Time and Space in the Artists' Book.
Kathy Walkup Kathleen Walkup
Professor of Book Art, Program Head
CPM, Room 119
510.430.2001, kwalk@mills.edu
Office Hours: Monday 12:30-1:00 by appointment only, Tuesday 1:00-2:00 by appointment only, Wednesday 4:00-5:00,

A lecturer, curator, writer, and teacher, Kathleen has had a profound impact on the field of book art. Her research includes the history of women and print. Her ongoing project, Library of Discards, examines the conceptual nature of artists' books. She teaches pioneering classes that combine historical study and studio art.



Isabelle Chiosso
Faculty Administrative Assistant
Art Room 121, 510.430.2217, ichiosso@mills.edu


Mark Sarigianis
Studio Coordinator
CPM Room 120, 510.430.3391, msarigianis@mills.edu


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