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  • PhD in English, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ
  • BA Magna Cum Laude, Harvard-Radcliffe College
Courses Taught
  • ENG 066: Survey of British Literature
  • ENG 074/174: The Bible as Literature
  • ENG 171: Social Action and the Academic Essay
  • ENG 176/276: The Victorian Period: Prose, Poetry, and Drama
  • ENG 183/283: Advanced Seminar: Victorian Women Poets
  • ENG 183/283: Advanced Seminar: Elizabeth Barrett Browning, George Eliot
  • ENG 183/283: Advanced Seminar: Jewish and Christian Literary Relations in England, 1500-1900
  • ENG 188/288: The 19th Century British Novel
  • ENG 272: Theories and Strategies of Teaching Writing
Professional Activity


2012-2015, Executive Board Member, Associated Departments of English (ADE). National organization sponsored by Modern Language Association for English Department Chairs. (Elected position)

2011-present, Co-Director: The Oakland/Mills/Alameda County Humanities Collaborative: An Uncommon Approach to the Common Core Standards, $150,000 grant funded by Improving Teacher Quality Program California Postsecondary Education Commission

2011, Association of Departments of English Seminar West, Palo Alto CA

2008, Association of Departments of English Seminar West, Sante Fe, NM. Sponsored by Modern Language Association

1999-present, Editorial Board Member, Jewish History and Culture (University of Southampton, UK)

2004-2010, Steering Committee Member, Jewish Studies Academic Consortium, San Francisco-Bay Area, Jewish Community Endowment Fund

Mills College/Bay Area (selected)

2012, Chair, Search Committee: Vice President for Enrollment Management, Mills College

2007-present, Chair of English Department, Dean of Graduate Literary Studies (MA and MFA programs in English).

2011-present, Co-Director, The Oakland/Mills/Alameda County Humanities Collaborative: An Uncommon Approach to the Common Core State Standards. 250,000K Award for Improving Teacher Quality, California Department of Education, Commission on Post-Secondary Education

2011, Co Chair, proposed minor in Religious Studies, Mills College

2010, Search Committee, Dean of the Business School, Mills College

2007-2009, Member: Strategic Planning Task Force, Mills College; co-chair Academic Development Committee

2005-2006, Elected member: Appointment, Promotion and Tenure Committee, Mills College

2005-2006, Chair, Search Committee, 18th Century Literature and Composition Search, Mills College

2004-2005, Search Committee Member, Medievalist Search, English Department. (One of two committee members to interview at MLA convention).

2002-2009, Program Coordinator, Jewish Women’s Studies Programming, Mills College

2002-2004, Chair, Department of English, Mills College, Administration of undergraduate majors and minors, MA and MFA programs. Revised undergraduate major, completed department review

2003-present, Chair, Community Service Advisory Board, Mills College

1999-2002, Member, Committee on General Education

1999-2000, Chair, General Education Task Force, Mills College. Charged with revising the entire General Education Program at Mills College, and making recommendations to faculty (lead a seven member committee). Assisted in writing grant to Hewlett Foundation for GE reform ($400,000 awarded, October 2000)

1994--2000 Mills College Director of Composition and Writing Across the Curriculum

1996-1998, Treasurer, Invisible College, Portland State University National organization for faculty and community workers involved in service learning and curriculum reform in higher education. Elected Member, Invisible College, 1995

1995-1998, Steering Committee, Invisible College, Portland State University. Elected as one of six in first steering committee charged with setting up organization, bylaws and organizational structure. Created internet “learning circles” for organization

1997-2000, Chair, Faculty Advisory Committee, Irvine Grant for Multicultural Curriculum Reform, Mills College.

1994-2005, Mills College/Upward Bound Community Reading. Organized presentation of student writers from experimental class English 185 for Mills College and Oakland community members.

1995-1996, Faculty Member, Mills College General Education Committee.

1994-1995, Mills College Committee on Admission and Financial Aid

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Book: Women’s Poetry and Religion in Victorian England: Jewish Identity and Christian Culture. (June 2002, Cambridge University Press)

Book Reviewed in: Victorian Studies, Victorian Institute Journal, Victorian Poetry, Nineteenth Century Literature, Christianity and Literature, Choice, Notes and Queries, Midwestern Jewish Studies Association/Case Western University

Articles and Reviews

Review: Radical Poetics and Secular Jewish Culture. (Miller, Stephen Paul, and Daniel Morris, eds) Tuscaloosa: U of Alabama P, 2010. (Forthcoming in Southern Atlantic Review).

Review: Romanticism/Judaica: A Convergence of Cultures (Sheila Spector, ed. Ashgate Publishing Ltd., 2011 (Forthcoming in Journal of Modern Jewish Studies)

2012, “Grace Aguilar.” The Handbook of Women Biblical Interpreters. Marion Ann Taylor and Agnes Choi, eds. Baker Academic (forthcoming, August 2012)

2012, “’And we are not what they have been’: Anglo-Jewish women poets, 1838-1920” in British Jewish Women Writers, Ed. Nadia Valman, Wayne State University Press. (forthcoming 2012)

2011, Review: Amy Levy: Critical Essays. New Books On Literature 19 (online) (April 21, 2011).

2010, “The Beloved Ideas Made Flesh: Daniel Deronda and Jewish Poetics” ELH: English Literary History (John Hopkins Press) Vol. 77. No. 3 (Fall 2010)

2008, Review: The Jewess In Nineteenth-Century British Literary Culture (Nadia Valman). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2007 Tulsa Studies In Women’s Literature, Volume 27, Number 2, Fall 2008

2006, Review: Women Poets and Urban Aestheticism: Passengers of Modernity. (Palgrave Macmillan, 2005 by Ana Parejo Vadillo) Nineteenth-Century Literature, Vol. 61, No. 1 (Jun., 2006), pp. 120-124

2006, Review: Brenda McKay, George Eliot and Victorian Attitudes to Racial Diversity, Colonialism, Darwinism, Class, Gender, and Jewish Culture and Prophecy. (Edwin Mellon Press, 2003). George Eliot Review, August, 2006

2003, Review: Christina Rossetti’s Feminist Theology (Linda Palazzo) Victorian Studies (46:1) Autumn 2003.

2000, "Victorian Poetry and Religious Diversity" Cambridge Companion to Victorian Poetry, Ed. Joseph Bristow. Cambridge University Press.

1999, "Introduction." Guest Editor, Editor's Topic Section: Anglo-Jewish Victorian Writers. Victorian Literature and Culture 26, Cambridge University Press. (Edited collection of essays on Anglo-Jewish literary history for annual journal).

1999, Review: Lost Saints: Silence, Gender and Victorian Literary Canonization (Tricia Lootens) Nineteenth Century Literature 53 (4) (March).

1999, Elizabeth Barrett Browning's Hebraic Conversions: Gender and Typology in Aurora Leigh." in Critical Essays On Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Ed. Sandra Donaldson. NY: G.K. Hall and Company. (Reprint of 1995 essay, see below).

1998, "'Measure to yourself a prophet's place': Biblical Heroines, Jewish Difference, and Victorian Women's Poetry." in Women's Poetry late Romantic to late Victorian, Gender and Genre 1830-1900. Eds. Isobel Armstrong and Virginia Blain, London: Macmillan Press, 1998.

1997, "Recasting Sympathy and Judgment: Amy Levy, Women Writers, and the Victorian Dramatic Monologue." Victorian Poetry 35 (2) (Summer, 1997), 57-75.

1996, "Canonizing the Jew: Amy Levy's Challenge to Victorian Poetic Identity." Victorian Studies 39 (2) (Winter, 1996) 173-200.

1995, Review. The Complete Novels and Selected Poetry of Amy Levy, 1861-1889. Victorian Poetry (Spring, 1995), 160-173

1995, Elizabeth Barrett Browning's Hebraic Conversions: Gender and Typology in Aurora Leigh. Victorian Literature and Culture 22 (1995), 55-72.

Curriculum Development and Pedagogy

2003, "Cognitive Apprenticeship as Pedagogical Strategy: Introducing Conversacolor. The National Teaching and Learning Forum 12(6) October 2003.

2002, "Commentary 3: Using Student Work as Evidence." Ethics of Inquiry: Issues in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. Ed. Pat Hutchings, Menlo Park: The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, 2002.

1995, Rethinking Diversity, Creating Community: The Presence of Others' in the College Writing Classroom. Notes in the Margins, Stanford University, (Spring, 1995), 4-5.

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Conference Presentations/Invited Talks

Victorian/Jewish studies

2012, “Psalm and Sonnet: Religious Aesthetics and Victorian Poetics” and Session Organizer: Devotion Unbound: New Approaches to Victorian Poetics and Religion. Modern Language Association National Convention, January 7-9, 2012 (Seattle).

2009, “Psalm and Sonnet: Christian Poetics, Jewish Aesthetics and Nineteenth-century Anglo-Jewish texts.” Pacific Ancient and Modern Languages Association Annual Conference, San Francisco CA, November 6.

2007, “Judah’s (Other) Bards’: Hebraic Poetics and Anglo-Jewish Women Poets,” Modern Language Association National Convention, Dec 27-29, Chicago, IL.

2006, “Judah's [Other] Bards”: Anglo-Jewish Women Poets, 1880–1925 Association for Jewish Studies Annual Conference, San Diego, California, December, 2006.

2005, “What Difference Jewish Difference: Victorian Women Writers and Religious Identity.” University of Wisconsin, Madison (Sponsored by the “Middle Modernity" Colloquium and the Departments of English and Jewish Studies), March 7, 2005.

2004, “Roots of Jewish Feminist Theology: Where are we looking, what do we find, and how can we read it” (Panelist): Jewish Feminism: The State of the Field, Academic Consortium for Jewish Studies, San Francisco, CA, May.

2004, "Goblins, Orphans and Talmudic Charity: Victorian Women Writers and Jewish Textuality." Georgia State University, Department of English, March 22, 2004.

2003, "The Chief Poetic Energy: The Poetics of Jewishness in Daniel Deronda." Modern Language Association National Conference, San Diego, CA, December.

2003, “Jewish Women Poets in Victorian England.” Kol Isha: A Celebration of Jewish Women’s Poetry. Berkeley Richmond Community Center, Berkeley, CA March

2002, Miriam Daughters: Anglo-Jewish women writers of Victorian England. MID Lecture Series, Jewish Federation, San Leandro, CA.

2001, Israel's Singing Girls: Jewish Women Poets in Victorian England." Parkes Center, University of Southampton, Southampton, UK (March).

2001, Uncovering the Roots of Jewish Feminist Theology: Anglo-Jewish Women Writers 1840-1920. Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies, Oxford University, UK (February).

1999, "Sweet Singers of Israel: Gender, Poetry and Theology in Victorian England." 19th Century and Beyond Reading Group, University of California at Berkeley.

1998, "The Sweet Singers of Israel": Finding and Confounding the Jew in Victorian Theological Poetics". Modern Language Association Annual Convention, San Francisco, December. (Also organized the special session panel in which the paper was given; panel was titled: Israelites, Hebrews, Jews: Genre and Jewish Representation in English Culture, 1754-1880).

1997, "Judaism Rightly Reverenced: Grace Aguilar's Theological Poetry." Association for Jewish Studies, Boston MA, December.

1997, The high sounding religion of flowing verse: Grace Aguilar's Appropriation of Romantic Poetics. Sixth Annual 18th and 19th Century British Women Writers Conference, University of California, Davis CA. March.

1997, Women's Poetry, Feminist Theology and the Victorian Woman Poet. Harvard Divinity School, Women's Studies Lecture Series. February.

1996, Israel's Other Singing Girls: Anglo-Jewish Women Poets in Victorian England. Modern Language Association Annual Convention, Washington D.C. December.

1995, Grace Aguilar and Amy Levy: Anglo-Jewish Women Poets. Association for Jewish Studies Annual Conference, Boston, MA. December.

1995, Jewish and Christian Victorian Women Poets in Dialogue. Rethinking Women's Poetry 1730-1930, University of London, London, UK, July.

1995, The Urban Spaces of Victorian Women's Poetry. Interdisciplinary Nineteenth Century Studies Association Conference, Santa Cruz, CA. April.

1994, Grace Aguilar's Revisionary Judaism. Modern Language Association Annual Convention, San Diego, CA., December.

1993, Recasting Sympathy and Judgment: Dramatic Monologue as Feminist Strategy. Modern Language Association Annual Convention, Toronto, ONT. December.

1992, Neither part nor lot in me: Amy Levy's Jewish Challenge to Victorian Poetic Identity. Modern Language Association Annual Convention, NYC, December.

Pedagogy, Service Learning, Curriculum Development

2013, Session Leader: Follow up on Assessment in English Departments, Association of Departments of English (ADE) Summer Seminar, Charlotte, NC, June 2013

2011, Presentation on Teagle Foundation “What is a Reader” work group. Association of Departments of English Seminar West, Palo Alto CA.

2005, Radical De-tracking: English 171, Mills College and High School/College Collaboration. American Association of Colleges and Universities National Conference, San Francisco, January 26-8, 2005

2001, "Cognitive Apprenticeship as Pedagogical Strategy: Introducing Conversacolor." First Annual Joint UK and USA Conference on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. Co-sponsored by University of East London and City University, London. (June). (Illness meant someone else presented my paper).

2000, "From Creative Writer to Composition Teacher: Mentoring MFA Graduate Students Conference on College Composition and Communication (4C's). Minneapolis, MN (April).

1999, Panelist. "Women-Centered Education in a Multicultural Society: A Case Study of Mills College Multicultural Curricular Enhancement Program." Educating all of One Nation: Diversity, Equity, and Democracy: Optimizing Our Future. (American Council on Education/Division of Access and Equity Programs/Office of Minorities in Higher Education). Albuquerque, NM.

1996, Writing In Context: College Classrooms, Public Service and the Academic Essay. American Association of Colleges and Universities Annual Conference, Washington D.C., January.

1996, The Presence of Others in the College Writing Classroom. Alameda County Service Learning Symposium, May.

1996, Service Learning and Writing. Service Learning 2000 Writing and Community Service Workshop, Palo Alto High School, February.

1996, But How'd They Get That Way?: Community, Audience, and the Academic Essay. Providence College, Providence, RI, March.

1995, Respondent: Canon Authority: Pedagogy and Theory at a Contemporary Women's College. 1995 Western Social Science Association Conference, Oakland, CA, April.

1994, Creating Community in the College Writing Classroom. California Campus Compact Conference, Palm Springs CA, November.

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Academic Positions

2007-present, Dean, Graduate Literary Studies; Chair, Department of English, Mills College

2005-2008, Aurelia Henry Reinhardt Professor of Literature, Department of English, Mills College

2002-2004, Department Chair, Department of English, Mills College

2002-present, Professor, Department of English, Mills College

1998-2002, Associate Professor, Department of English, Mills College

1996-1997, Visiting Lecturer and Research Associate, Program in Women’s Studies and Religion, Harvard Divinity School

1992-1997, Assistant Professor, Department of English, Mills College

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Professional Membership

Modern Language Association

Honors and Awards

2005-2008, Aurelia Henry Reinhardt Professor of Literature, Mills College

2004, 2003, 1994, Meg Quigley Women’s Studies Research Award, Mills College

2004, James B. Irvine Foundation Course Development Grant, Mills College

2002, Eugene C. Trefethen Faculty Award, Mills College

2001, Skirball Fellow, Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies, Oxford University, UK. February-June

2000-2001, Carnegie Fellow for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Carnegie Foundation, Palo Alto, CA

1998, Sarlo Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching, Mills College

1998, Northern California Phi Beta Kappa Teaching Award

1996-1997, Research Associate, Program in Women's Studies and Religion Harvard Divinity School, Harvard University.

1995, National Endowment for the Humanities, Summer Stipend.

1995, Service Learning 2000 Center Fellowship, Stanford University

1994, Walter S. Johnson Community Service Course Development Award, Mills College.

1991, Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture, Dissertation Grant, NYC.

1986-1991, Mellon Fellowship in the Humanities, Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation

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