Computer Science

Faculty & Staff

Almudena Konrad
Associate Professor of Computer Science
CPM Room 204, 510.430.2201,
Professional Interests: Computer networks, wireless communication, modeling, analysis and prediction of network measurements

Barbara Li Santi
Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science
CPM Room 200B, 510.430.2247,
Professional Interests: Artificial intelligence applications in education, cognitive science, intelligent tutoring systems, computer science education, linear algebra

Ellen Spertus
Professor of Computer Science
CPM Room 201, 510.430.2011,
Professional Interests: Structured information retrieval, online communities, gender in computer science, social effects of computing

Susan S. Wang
Professor of Computer Science
Interdisciplinary Computer Science Program Head
CPM Room 202, 510.430.2138,
Professional Interests: Design and analysis of algorithms, very large-scale integrated systems, parallel computation


Holly Robinson
Faculty Administrative Assistant
CPM Room 104, 510.430.2226,

Last Updated: 3/15/18