Faculty & Staff

Alex Engel
Assistant Professor of Biology
NSB 127, 510.430.2259,
Professional Interests: Cell biology, biological membranes, cell fusion, immunology

Jenn Smith
Associate Professor of Biology
Letts-Villard Professor
NSB 122, 510.430.2161,
Professional Interests: Behavioral and evolutionary ecology of social rodents and carnivores

Sarah Swope
Assistant Professor of Biology
NSB 121, 510.430.2158,
Professional Interests: How plants mediate interactions among pollinators, herbivores and pathogens; geographic variation in demography; invasive plants as model systems for research; conservation of rare native plants

Lisa Urry
Gibbons-Young Chair for the Advancement of Science
Professor of Biology
Department Head of Biology
NSB 123, 510.430.2026,
Professional Interests: Developmental biology of sea urchin embryos and larvae, cell-cell and cell-extracellular matrix interactions, science education/pedagogy

Helen Walter
Visiting Associate Professor
Director of the Pre-Nursing Program
Hellman Summer Science and Math, Director
NSB 131, 510.430.2035,
Professional Interests: Testing the antimicrobial properties of indigenous plants and microbial contributions to extraterrestrial habitats

Jared Young
Associate Professor of Biology
NSB 120, 510.430.2032,
Professional Interests: Odor sensing pathways and their modulation in the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans

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Visiting Scholars

Charlene Betts-Ng
Assistant Adjunct Professor
NSB 124, 510.430.3175,
Professional Interests: The transport of chemicals and biota into coastal rivers and marine ecosystems

Elaine Tan
Associate Adjunct Professor
NSB 124, 510.430.3175,
Office Hours: Monday 1:00-2:00, Wednesday 11:00-12:30
Professional Interests: Anatomy and functional circuitry of the brain

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Dana Carrison-Stone
Lab Manager
NSB 175, 510.430.2020,
Office Hours: Mondays-Fridays 9:30-2:30 or by appointment

Mary Pace
Faculty Administrative Assistant
NSB 111, 510.430.2317,

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Last Updated: 3/15/18