Asian Studies

Faculty & Staff

Chiu-Hung Chen
Peng Visiting Assistant Professor of Chinese Language
and Literatures
Mills Hall Room 324, 510.430.2036,
Professional Interests: Second language acquisition, Chinese language pedagogy, computer-assisted language learning

Nalini Ghuman
Associate Professor of Music
Music 265, 510.430.2332,
Professional Interests: Ethnomusicology; South Asian music with emphasis on North India, Pakistan, and Bengal; focuses on genres, historical perspectives, Hindi and Bengali film; music in South Asian diaspora.

Mary-Ann Milford
Professor of Art History
Carver Professor of Far Eastern Studies
Department Head of Art
Art 105, 510.430.2117,
Professional Interests: Contemporary Asian art, specializing in women's art of South Asia and the art of India, China, and Japan


Last Updated: 3/15/18