Writing Support

Writing is a critical aspect of academic and professional success, so we offer support services to help you become a better writer. Through the Writing and Tutoring Center, you can get the guidance and feedback you need to improve your writing by working with peer tutors. Services include: 

  • Brainstorming and idea development
  • Discussing approaches for outlining
  • Developing and organizing papers
  • Considering clarity of language and ideas
  • Developing a strong thesis
  • Discussing strategies for revision
  • Improving grammar and punctuation
  • Effectively using style and tone
  • Honing editing and proofreading skills
  • Citing evidence/sources appropriately

Feel free to visit the Writing and Tutoring Center even if you’re unsure about how to begin a writing assignment or find yourself stuck during the process. You can also work with the writing tutors for feedback on creative writing projects.

Although the Writing and Tutoring Center provides individual writing consultations, please keep in mind the following policies:

  • Tutors will engage you in conversation about your writing and empower you to make changes, but they aren't permitted to proofread or fix the writing for you.
  • Tutors may assist with take-home essay exams only if your professor has provided written permission or contacted the Writing and Tutoring Center directly.
  • Tutors will not grade assignments or predict grades.
  • While tutors do not interpret ideas or readings on your behalf, they can help you think about ways to further examine and clarify your own ideas.