Subject Tutoring

Mills College at Northeastern offers an intellectual environment that encourages rigorous study and lively debate. You may find it helpful to seek the advice of a tutor when you want to explore overall subject concepts, have a particular question you are struggling with, or would like some helpful study and exam tips. Sometimes you may choose to enrich your studies by working with a fellow student one-on-one to explore subjects in depth. 

Peer tutors work with students to help them understand ideas they learn in the classroom and develop the analytical and study tools needed to approach solutions on their own. Peer tutors help students master material, but also encourage experimentation and independent thinking.

Students are eligible for up to three hours of free tutoring per subject each week for courses that have tutors. Appointments for any single subject must be made on different days. Students may make appointments up to three weeks in advance if they prefer to set up a more formal schedule. Appointments can be made for up to one hour.

Peer tutors offer appointment hours throughout the week. They are not available, however, during school breaks, holidays, reading days, or final exams. Tutors make every effort to keep their scheduled appointments but emergencies and other circumstances sometimes interfere. Be sure to confirm your appointment with your tutor 24 hours before the scheduled time.