How to Apply

Are you ready to take your passion for learning to another country? Applying to study abroad requires paying close attention to details and important deadlines, but the invaluable experience of learning and living abroad is worth it. You’re only a few steps away from beginning a new international adventure.

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Application Process

Determine Your Goals & Gather Information

What do you want to take away from your time abroad? Before you start your application, consider which opportunities best align with your academic plans and personal passions. Jump-start your research by browsing through the list of Mills-approved study abroad programs.

Once you've confirmed that you're eligible to study abroad and have given thought to the types of places, programs, and courses of study that pique your interest, make an appointment with the Office of Advising, Career, and Global Learning to explore your options and find a program that's the right fit for you. Next, consult with your faculty advisor and discuss how your study abroad courses will fit into your overall academic program.

Step One: Complete the Study Abroad Advising Intake form and make an appointment with the Office of Advising, Career, and Global Learning through Handshake. Then, discuss your intention to study abroad with your faculty advisor.

Choose a Program & Apply

After completing your research and advising sessions, select the program that will best accommodate your learning goals. You must meet all of the College’s eligibility requirements and submit a study abroad application for approval by the Office of Advising, Career, and Global Learning. In addition to applying to study abroad through Mills, you'll need to apply directly to your chosen study abroad program(s). Even if you choose to apply to multiple programs for the same term, you only need to submit one Mills application.

As part of your Mills application, you'll be required to consult with:

  • Your faculty advisor about your coursework (if you haven't already)
  • The Mills Financial Aid Office about the transfer of financial aid*
  • The Student Acccounts Office about the billing process for study abroad.*

As you're preparing the Mills Study Abroad Application, you'll also want to gather the information you'll need to apply to your chosen study abroad program(s). Review the program's website and materials for details on their application process, and submit any materials needed directly to them by their required deadlines.

You may apply directly to your chosen program(s) before you submit the Mills Study Abroad Application. Your program(s), however, will not extend an admission offer until the Mills Office of Advising, Career, and Global Learning receives your Mills application, approves it, and communicates this approval directly to the program(s).

Step Two: Complete the Mills Study Abroad Application, the Study Abroad Academic Planning form, and the Study Abroad Financial Aid form. Obtain the required signatures and submit via email to by the posted Mills deadlines. Separately, complete and submit the application for each study abroad program for which you would like to be considered.

*Students participating in January Term (J-Term) programs do not need to consult with the Financial Aid and Student Accounts Offices or submit the Study Abroad Financial Aid form.

Register Your Program

Once you've been approved for study abroad and accepted into your program, submit the required paperwork confirming your intent to participate and acknowledging your responsibilities as a Mills student while studying abroad. Your program may also require you to complete additional paperwork and submit an initial enrollment deposit to officially secure your spot. 

Step Three: Complete and email the Study Abroad Participant Contract to by the posted Mills deadlines.

Be sure to submit any paperwork required by your specific study abroad program by their deadlines, as well as your initial deposit.

Study Abroad Deadlines

Your Mills application materials are due October 11, 2021 for programs happening in spring and J-term 2022. In addition to this deadline, your specific study abroad program may have additional application requirements and other key due dates you must meet. Deadlines will vary by program. For questions, contact the Office of Advising, Career, and Global Learning at

Applying to an Independent Program

Mills has partnered with a wide range of affiliated study abroad programs to ensure that you have a fulfilling experience while living and learning abroad. You may, however, elect to enroll in an independent program that is not affiliated with Mills, in which case the application and enrollment process will be different.

To study abroad through an independent program during the fall or spring semesters, you will need to apply to take a formal leave of absence from Mills. Also note that, as a result, your financial aid package through Mills (state, federal, as well as institutional aid) cannot be applied to any costs associated with the independent program. However, you may be eligible for other types of study abroad scholarships that may be applied toward the costs of an independent program.

As with coursework on Mills-affiliated study abroad programs, coursework taken while attending an independent study abroad program will be subject to the Mills transfer credit policy. You are encouraged to consult with your faculty advisor(s) at Mills about the courses you plan to take on an independent study abroad program. You may also submit a transfer credit verification form to the Mills Records office prior to enrolling in the program to determine if and how credit earned will transfer back to Mills. For more information, please consult the Mills catalog.

For guidance on applying to an independent study abroad program, please email the Office of Advising, Career, and Global Learning at

Study Abroad Policies & Application Forms