Barrett Program Application Information

Mills students who are interested in applying to the Jill Barrett Undergraduate Research Program in Biology should begin by developing a research question and exploring which faculty may be the best fit as a mentor on this topic. Completed applications, including your research statement, are due in the fall.

Research Interests & Faculty Mentors | Barrett Program Application

Research Interests & Faculty Mentors

Students are encouraged to identify a potential mentor for their research and list this faculty member in their application materials. For more information about the research programs of Mills faculty mentors involved in the Barrett Program, please visit the faculty and lab pages below:

Ana Mostafavi, Assistant Professor of Biochemistry
Professional Interests: Biochemistry
Faculty page

Jennifer Smith, Associate Professor of Biology
Professional Interests: Behavioral and evolutionary ecology of social rodents and carnivores
Faculty page | Lab website

Sarah Swope, Assistant Professor of Biology
Professional Interests: How plants mediate interactions among pollinators, herbivores and pathogens; geographic variation in demography; invasive plants as model systems for research; conservation of rare native plants
Faculty page | Lab website

Jared Young, Associate Professor of Biology
Professional Interests: Genetics of learned behaviors in the nematode C. elegans
Faculty page

Application Information

Applications for the summer program are due the previous fall, usually in early November. An informational presentation is offered, typically in mid-October, for students interested in applying.


For specific questions about the Jill Barrett Undergraduate Research Program in Biology, please contact Mills Associate Professor of Biology Jennifer Smith at